8 Months!

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8 Months!

On September 1, I hit eight months of continuous sobriety - longest streak ever. I am feeling really good and comfortable in my own skin. The future isn't as scary now. I know I can handle the good days and I am humbled by the good days. I have my ups and downs, but each passes in due time.

There were days in my active drinking days that I was sure I was going to die drunk. At the same time, however, I also knew that I had the power within me to overcome my addiction - I just had to harness that power. Well, I did harness that power and I am not letting go, not for anything.

I look back to my past and feel so bad for what I put my loved ones through. What really gets me is that I wasn't "there" for so long. I look at the good I bring into my loved ones lives now and I feel bad for not being there for them. This is a source of strength to keep me sober. I really try not to shame myself.

My greatest outlet continues to be endurance sports. I completed a grueling 100K mountain bike race about a month and a half ago. It was bliss. When it would get hard, I would think about those low points in my addiction and it would put the difficulty in perspective. I had the power to get sober and I did. I had the power to complete the race and I did. We put an insane amount of energy into our addictions and I believe it is essential to recovery to find a healthy outlet for all of that energy.

If you think you are down and out realize that you are stronger than you have ever given yourself credit for. It took a while for me to realize that I have all that I need within myself, but each time I hit a low, I had the power to make it through. I now believe in myself and I am becoming a positive person (albeit slowly!!!).

Look up, get up, and don't ever get up...
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congrats, 8 months is fantastic,
sounds like you are making the most out of you new life. keep up the excellent work and thanks for the positive message.

you rock!
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bona fido dog-lover
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Congrats on 8 months sober!
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Great job!!
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CONGRATS and thank you much be an encouragment. Only 4 days into forever sober but I have hope reading posts like this
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Awesome man!!! Great work!

I wish I could start the 'get fit' part of things now. still not at 1 month, be maybe then?
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Really glad to read this Ethos

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This is awesome. I'm right there with you in month 8 - longest ever.

Endurance sports are also a powerful tool for me, though my game has mainly been running. Doing my first Tri soon so we shall see!

Congratulations, and I echo all your sentiments!! Way to go and thanks for the inspiration!
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Nice!!! Keep it up and do not get comfortable. You are strong, 8 months is a good chunk of time!
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Awesome achievement Ethos ! Keep moving forward !!
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Do your best
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Ethos you just breathed a lot of life into me fantastic

100k phewwwy you sir are amazing

Later on this year I'm planning a lifelong dream of mine a skydive I can only imagine how good it felt when you were tired and had them thoughts of low points in addiction to push you on I really felt them words so exellent

It will be for McMillan's cancer charity, cancer research and heart foundation
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Love this! Congratulations on 8 months!
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100k race, very cool Ethos. Congrats on 8 months.
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Congratulations, 8 months is sound good and are such an inspiration for me to get healthy.
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Congrats, and what an awesome post! It just goes to show that you don't just survive addiction but thrive once you put it behind you. Way to go!

Here's to the next eight months!
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Ethos, your story is so motivating. It is great to read about how your emotional and physical strength has helped you beat your addiction. Congratulations to you!
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