Been a year...

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Been a year...

Almost a year since I"ve been back...and I'm first to tell you I have failed at everything. I didn't get myself into AA or SMART like I was supposed to. I got back from AFG and drank myself into so many bad situations now I'm at rock bottom again. I need a higher power...being an atheist for such a long time I lost the ability to have a faith...and it kills me. I was so prideful in thinking I could do this on my own. Now my family has seen my full view. My wife left with the kids...and now I am all alone...made it to work today. I guess I should've known this would happen...easy to forget when your just going through the motions. I picked up a bible today...didn't know what to do. This is me sober on day 2.
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you are always welcome back DB, sorry to hear that you've been having troubles.

Congrats on 2 days, it's a start but you have to have a real commitment to stay the course. we're in your corner.
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Welcome back, DB. I am glad you are here with us.

I hope you will post often and let us know how you are doing.
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Do your best
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Welcome nice to meet you !
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Glad you are sharing, don't project into the future. Make today's priority, not picking up a drink. No matter what happens. As for a higher power, that's up to you. Our addiction wants us to drink/ matter what. Do what works, for yourself. Make sobriety the most important goal, daily. Primary objective, do not drink alcohol, stay focused and come back to SR everyday to check in.
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Welcome back ....... it's not uncommon for recovering alcoholics to have "false starts". I had to go very far down, nearly die, to get it that I'm an alcoholic and can't stop drinking on my own. I suggest going to AA and raising your hand that you're newly sober. Get a sponsor. What I realized was that my best thinking got me drunk. I had to give up and let others tell me what to do. A very big hug. What helped me stay sober is not drinking one day at a time. It's only TODAY I don't drink. Now it's almost 23 years later.
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Welcome back DB. Sorry you are going through this, but you can make this change.

Take a hard look at what you want to get out of tomorrow... Make a plan, have a back-up plan, have a back-up to the back-up, and follow through.

Don't pick up the first drink, what ever it takes.

You can do this, stay strong... Tomorrow is day three.
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Welcome back, DB. I am sorry the past year has been so tough. Keep reading and posting and, day by day, things can get better!
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welcome back DB - hope you stick around this time for a bit
I also echo "one day at a time"...don't think too much about everything else, you'll overwhelm yourself too soon. Just focus on the one thing for now, do not drink today. Life is a bit easier to do with once your brain is bit settled.
keep reading! and posting!
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I'm sorry to read of your struggle DeltaBravo but I'm glad you made it back - being back on SR in a regular way could be a great first step

If you feel you could get your head around the whole HP thing, then AA could definitely help

There are other non 12 step, secularly based, alternatives tho. I encourage you to look at all your options

Here's some links to some of the main players, including but not limited to AA:

I recommend you visit the Secular Connections forum if you think you may benefit from a non 12 step approach.

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It's very good to see you again DB. We are here to help you get back on track. You can do it.
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As so many have already said......."Welcome"
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