do you?

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do you?

Do you ever just think back and just hate yourself for the wrong you've done and just think about how that situation could of changed if you didn't do what you did or said? I remember many times where I was mean to my girlfriend while drinking and just saying the worst things imaginable just starting a fight for no reason . Or going to a bar and picking a fight for no reason because you was angry and beat the s#/% out of someone just because you was drunk and angry.
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Yes, I think back to those things. There were many times when I was cruel to my guy when I was in a blackout. I would imagine the most horrible thing I could think of to hurt him and then say it.

I think that the only way we can redeem ourselves and truly get forgiveness is to show the people we hurt that we are sorry through our actions. If I were to drink again, I would be telling people with my actions that I am not sorry and I'm willing to risk turning into a monster again.

We can redeem ourselves through our actions in sobriety. Be kind. Be honest. Help others. And most importantly, do not drink again.
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I had to stop doing that. It was feeding my negative self talk way too much.
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I think all of us have regrets about drunken behavior...I used to say "the baby kept waking me up all night and I was terribly sleep deprived when I (fill in the blank). I behaved like a 4-yr-old when I drank. I sometimes wish we didn't have email in my drunk years. Or social media. Never posted any racy pictures but I did post things that made no sense, you know how drunk people sound. Or I wrote snide and snarky things. I was a cross between a 4-yr-old and a bitchy teenage girl with PMS...
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Sobriety is Traditional
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Yes, I do.

That's why I work a program of recovery.
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Yeap the past can enter my throughs, but we can't change it, just have to draw a line, we can only change the future!!
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Yes, but I use it as a reminder that staying sober is the best way to move forward and keep things like that from happening again.
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Not any more. What's done is done. I can't change a second.

I try to make every day count now - eventually I forgave myself - I think that's an important component in staying sober.

It didn't happen overnight tho - it was a process foryoumyson.

try not to beat yourself up too much - it changes nothing

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