I swear it was my last binge...

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Pizza is the absolute worst...the food you put in your body will have a big impact on how you feel.

I bet if you tried eating fruits and veggies with some lean proteins such as non farm raised seafood and free range meats that much of what you describe might change. Also when I did this I found my appetite dropped dramatically. I don't feel the need to eat until stuffed - this went away when I removed all bread from my diet. Now I just stop eating well before and my stomach has shrunk.

So again, my opinion and based on my experience the type of food you are consuming is perhaps more important than the quantity.
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MidnightBlue, FANTASTIC, rootin for ya.
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Best of luck Midnight, you CAN do this!!!
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Hi, all)

Thank you again for your support!

I am feeling better today. Brain fog is lifted and I am determined more than ever to end this vicious circle of binge-eating.

JDooner - I absolutely agree with you that food we out in our body has a huge impact on how we feel. Being a gym rat and "healthy nutrition junkie" I can tell which foods trigger my binge eating most. 10 months ago I put a total ban on any kind of sugar - cookies, sweets, pastry, etc., even honey. I eat very little if any processed food. I read all the food labels and cook 90-95% of my food myself. Now I very rarely eat bread and other flour-containing foods. I've done Whole30 twice. I completed the second one just about two weeks ago, and this time it didn't even feel like a challenge to me.

But....There's a huge BUT...I managed to binge even on Whole30. I could eat tons of nuts in one sitting. Plus tons of berries. Let alone if I start eating dates - it's a disaster. If nothing else I could eat almost all the chicken breasts I had prepared in advance.

Sometime it seems to me that any food can trigger binge.

This time, on Sunday, I just decided to indulge myself in some "real" cheat food, like pizza. And ... that was surely bad idea.

Nutritionist is beyond my budget at the moment, but I will pay more attention how I feel after eating certain foods.

Gilmer - You are so right about that while being "carried away" by some activity, I forget about food completely. And here's where my perfectionism messes up with me - I feel like I have to do anything perfectly, if just doing it for fun. And eventually it puts so much stress on me, that I want some relief. And this relief, most available and immediate, would be food.

So, I am trying to kick out perfectionism as well.

Ok, I am doing ok by far.

Checking in here and posting give me a lot of motivation and support.

See you later)

And have a great day!
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Just hugs. Glad the sucky feeling is passing.xx
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I believe you MB

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Hi, all)

It's just un-be-lie-vable!!!!!!!

After all this home appliances riot I had last week, now my laptop is shut down completely with all my files lost!

Come on!

I am not binge-eating though....

Making it through Day 3 and trying to make some sense of this sophisticated deciphered message the Universe is trying to send me.

My boxing trainer is back from vacations. Going to let some steam out later.

Hope everyone is having much better day!
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It sounds to me like it is less about the food and more about what is missing in your life. I can relate and I would suggest you are trying to fill a void - a hungry ghost if you will. For me I had to accept I was powerless over this in order to get better. I then work a 12 step program and it works well with my addictions, which are many. Maybe try this.
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