Caught My Attention

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Caught My Attention

I've been staring at this for a while now.
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hi, Ary.
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AARRY!!!!! *hugs* missed you a lot. good to see you still kicking around
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Great post. Sums up a lot.
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HI Aarry ..great imagery .. miss ya heaps soon.
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Good to see you, Aarry.
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So true - that should be a big poster in every school and talked about in classes!
Drinking is such an accepted part of society that I grew up thinking that getting drunk was actually something healthy people do regularly!
Now I see my daughters going through school and although drugs and smoking are taught to be avoided, drinking has not come up at all. Crazy.
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Great picture. It kinda reminds me of a Chris Van Allsburg illustration.
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Nice post Aarryckha!!
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Miss you Aarry I pray you are well !! Hugs, Chris
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