Drinking dream

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Drinking dream

Had a dream that I was drinking a lot of wine. It was not a good, this is awesome dream, but an oh my god I feel drunk and awful dream.

I'm doing a lot of reading about addiction and this is pretty much my whole focus right now so I guess it's inevitable I'll dream about it. And I'm happy the dream was a bad one. I view that as progress. My subconscious is reinforcing my conscious decisions and actions.

Week 3 is better than week 2 was. Upwards and onwards!
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Congrats on week three. That's huge.

Keep it going, you're doing so well.

Drinking dreams. I've only had two in five months. I'll take it - especially with how much time I spend here.
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Hi, I never had dreams about drinking but I've read lots of dream posts on SR. It's great that it was a worry dream. You must be well committed.
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I get them here and there. Nice to wake up and know they were just a dream. My subconscious apparently intends to keep indulging even though I've been as sober as a judge for a while now, hehe
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I've had a couple drinking dreams, theyre usually in the first day or 2 that I quit. What I am really having a hard time with is dreams about pills. I quit taking norco/percocet 5 weeks ago and I have dreams about taking pills 4-5 times a week and I wake up having the worst anxiety and cravings. But like soberhoopsfan said, its the best feeling waking up and knowing its just a dream!!
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Drinking dreams can be quite a ride!!

Keep pushing though!!
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It had been a couple of years since I had one, then one night someone mentioned it in a meeting. Sure enough I had one of those dreams where someone slipped me a beer at a party or something and I said to myself what the heck and drank it. Then I did a shot of whiskey or something (which I rarely did even when drinking).

I woke up startled and half panicked in the middle of the night, you know when you're half awake and half asleep, and I could swear that I'd actually drank and could feel the taste in my mouth. Yuck.

Of course it was all a dream, but it goes to show that the thought is always present.

Congrats on 2 weeks!
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