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Wow I can relate to trying to control it, for years! Wine was my go to, (even though I would drink anything when handed to me) but I had rules for moderating.
No drinking the night before I have to work in the morning
No day drinking
Only day drinking so I can get to bed early
No shots
No liquor
No wine, only beer
No drinking alone/only drink at home
Buy the small bottles of wine
Dump out the rest of the wine when I get half way through the bottle
No drinking at family functions
3 drink max when going out to bars/clubs
Eat before drinking
Drink 3 glasses of water before bed
*I broke every single rule. I cannot moderate.
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I even tried the "watering" down technique. Adding seltzer to my wine to make it not as strong and last longer.
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I forgot that one, Jupiters! Thx! Smh.
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the things we did eh? bloody ridiculous!
Now, I'm trying to exert the same amount of energy towards taking care of my mind, body and soul. Finding it quite the struggle some days. such an ass backwards thing!
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Originally Posted by Laura567 View Post
Welcome! Day one here as well. I am planning to take up excersise as from tomorrow to keep busy. Bu today is hard, I feel like **** and canīt really do anything. Just waiting for the day to end.
Sometimes going to bed early is the best thing to do in early sobriety. Even is sleep doesn't come at least you can rest.
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Great decision Mabel!! It all starts with a Day 1!! You can do this!!
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Some great advice here mabel - I know you'll find support and understanding here - welcome

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Same thing here.

Only beer
Only after work
Only with friends

What do Santa Clause, the Easter bunny, the Tooth fairy and moderation have in common?

They are figments of our imagination.
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I haven't read all the comments yet, and I don't know what your age is... But fun for me was being able to pick my teenage kids up from the movies last Friday at 10:00 pm. I always insisted on being the drop off person so I could drink my booze on Friday night! Loved it!
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To clarify, I loved being sober and picking up the teenagers! So fun to hear about their night and laugh with them!!
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I always tried the no drinking sun-thursday but ok friday after work and saturday..i swore no drinking sunday to thursday ...well that never worked was always a bottle and six beers each day ,fri ,sat , sunday..then continue mon and tues..$150 /week ..$600 month the last few years. some months it was just getting stupid ,i was keeping track, $200 a week ,a bottle every day ,calling in sick to work and drinking all day
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Originally Posted by ultradad View Post
Welcome Mabel! Congrats on your first day of sobriety! For me, everything I do now is way better and more fun because I can actually remember it in the morning! Deciding to stop is great, but as you've already stated, you've tried the whole time! That's exactly how my drinking was. I would binge drink, swear I never would drink again only to pickup again every 2-3 weeks! This is a disease and we have to treat it like one! I finally humbled myself and went to AA as suggested to me from a friend and now I almost have 3 months sober! It took me truly hitting rock bottom for me to ask for help. Admitting and accepting are key and then we MUST take action! Glad you're here!
Ditto! :-)

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Welcome Mabel - good for you!! As I'm entering my third week of sobriety, my advice is to for fun stuff to do instead is to think of the things you did for fun before you started drinking and ending up addicted. For me, it was taking up tennis again, swimming, and playing the piano -- all the things I loved to do but had left behind when alcohol got in the way.

Good luck and use this forum LOTS to help you through the first weeks and months of your journey - it's a wonderful place to go for inspiration and support!
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Wow. Can I ever relate to this thread! Thanks, friends! Keep up the good work!
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Welcome to the forum, Mabel, a brilliant bunch of people to help and be helped along in our sobriety.x
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Well done on coming to your decision Mabel.
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