That moment

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That moment

The moment, you know the one where you decide to drink or not drink. The sentiment seminal moment of that " decision" the moment where all life seizes and all sanity is suspended. The moment that controls the alcoholics or addicts very being. Yeah that moment, the moment sanity is abandon. You know that moment, I know that moment.

Yeah that moment, those seconds, those minutes, whatever..... Yep forget them, I hate them, I loath them with every fiber of being, I am not a victim of fate, fate is a victim of my will. My fate is destined by my very being and soul, I control my fate. Yeah that moment, 2#$ that moment, I am greater than that moment I won't drink.

I am more powerful then that moment, I won't become that moment, I won't allow that moment to affect me, NEVER AGAIN, that moment has passed and now I live in this moment. I am not the being that made bad decision, I am not a bad guy, I hurt people but that isn't the sum total of this mans life.

That moment, you know, the one where you give in and give up, and lose control. Yeah that moment, forget that moment, overcome and own that moment, you are a powerful being born with all the tools to subsist and gain total self reliance.

Don't fret, don't give into that moment, you know that moment well, the moment we given, change that moment. Make that that the moment of success, make that the moment of sobriety, make that the moment you live the rest of your lives. The moment you achieve, the moment you conquer yours fears and the moment you live on.

Tdg has regained his footing and living in this moment and wishes the same for all you, as always stay safe and sober friends and live for this moment. It might mean your life. Thanks for reading.
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Glad you're doing OK TDG.

The secret I think is finding and using support - if you do that to the utmost, instead of using your utmost to drink, you'll be ok

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Great and well written post. It is so very accurate and I know so many can relate. Thanks
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Very true! Our destinies turn on those moments when they do come up.
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