Dee74's Appreciation and Support

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Dee, I just love you. You have such a gift of saying just the right thing in just the right, concise way. I consider you to be one of my angels on earth!
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Thank you, Dee. I think I'm learning some kindness, acceptance and a little wisdom from your example.
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Dee, I have cut and pasted so many of your pearls of wisdom into my sobriety journal that I could publish a book for you. Thank you for speaking from the heart; it is so obvious that that is what you do, even when you need to say hard things, you do so with love. God bless you for the hope and wisdom you share so freely with us!
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Living and Loving Life at Last
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Dee, your words personally have helped me in a specific way, just one phrase that opened my mind like an epiphany & helped me to centre on my recovery at a vulnerable time. For that alone I am forever grateful, but I also appreciate your forebearance with those of us who aren't always the best behaved in class, who occasionally get a bit carried away.

Thanks Dee
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Dee, you have a gift for helping others! And I've been helped through your sharing and encouraging voice, thank you so much!
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Dee you are just great!
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Stingy athlete recovery method
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I wish you all the best Dee, in recognition of how you have tirelessly wished the best for so many of us here on SR. You truly have the gift of making success happen. - Mel
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well done dee its not easy task having so many different formats of people who believe in different ways of recovery and keeping them from killing each other lol

i know one thing i wouldnt do your job for all the money in the world so well done for trying to be fair to all and balanced
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Dee, you are the Obi-Wan Kenobi of SR. I am very grateful for your gentle advice and support.
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pray for strength
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This is a bit embarrassing to say but when I first came to SR I never used my 'thanks' button to thank Dee for his wisdom. Dee once wrote that people sometimes view him as the 'daddy' of the SR family...and parenting is often a thankless job?

Since I have been here, Dee, your words are like a closing argument. Apropos, humble, spot-on, kind...and I would nod my head and say 'yes, yes, so true'. Your experience and kindness is invaluable. Is there a published book of 'Dee's Wisdom'? Shoud be Glad we all benefit from generous experience.

Thanks so much.
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Yes! Dee, I always look for your posts. You are very eloquent and so good at breaking things down to people's core feelings. I get anxiety constantly about my past and wonder if it will ever get better. If you say its get better if I just hold on and keep trying, then I believe it myself.

I'll log in at 3am in the morning when I am depressed and anxious. Knowing you are out there really helps me. I am sure that there are thousands of 'lurkers' out there who also check in to hear your words of wisdom.
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Welcome Wagoneer
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Dee I'm grateful for your personal assistance and tolerance during my recovery growth pains here at SR. I have seen many great examples of good behavior you display here. It helps me to model my behavior from good human conduct. Dee you helped me in that regard more times than you will know.

Thanks Dee, throw a shrimp or snag on the barbie for me mate
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Thank you for always being there for us. If it wasn't for you and SR I would still be having rum for breakfast, thank you for saving my life
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Dee, I'd like to say I am always amazed by your wisdom, encouragement, unbiased opinions and being right on the mark always. But I'm not. I've come to expect it because that is all I've known to come from you.
Thanks for all you do here.

Good luck with your ongoing quest for a new roof.
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Originally Posted by LeTheVerte View Post
Is there a published book of 'Dee's Wisdom'? Shoud be
I'd buy it...or maybe one of those daily inspiration calendar thingey's : ) Daily Dee Meditations
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