Why i Slipped

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Why i Slipped

i was bang on target since 23 jan was attending aa meetings weekly kept in touch with aa members
but during recovery i hadn't cut my hair since 5 months nor did i do cleaning of my house my house was like a gutter

off late most off my problems in business were almost over

things were looking good except one problem sleeping i use to sit on the net till late in the night and get up late afternoon missing of my work it was very frustrating

only thing i needed to do was clean up my self clean up my house sleep early and give my house keys to the watch man of the bldg to wake me up at 7 in the morning

but i did other wise i thought if i drink i might be able to get up early but it did not help

so now 3 rd day sober will clean up house to night and give keys to the watch man and sleep early from tomorow
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Good plan, sameer.
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Don't beat yourself up sameer, just chalk this one off as alcohol won't help you sleep!!

You can do this!!
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Purpleknight already sober 3 days and have no plans to drink again as honestly i did not enjoy my drinking
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Sameer, I'm glad you're making the changes you need to make to continue your recovery.
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good to see you back
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