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As of today I am 7 days sober into my latest attempt at sobriety. I was actually feeling pretty good this weekend but I'm having some major cravings right now. I haven't mentioned trying to quit to my husband this time, I guess I felt like it was kind of pointless because I've said it so many times before. Anyway, my husband is in the other room drinking, I felt fine when he picked up his alcohol from the grocery store earlier but it is all I can think of now. This is so frustrating.
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Great job on Day 7!!

Play the tape all the way to tomorrow morning, if you drink what does that look like? . . . try to focus on all the things you are quitting for, why is alcohol not something you want in your life anymore?

Your craving will pass, hang in there, do something to take your mind off of things!!

You can do this!!
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You're right, if I drink tonight I will feel terrible tomorrow. I will feel depressed and disappointed. Thanks for the encouragement.
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Hey sweetpea....well a loved one drinking in another room don't make it easy now does it? When we decide on sobriety ...we gotta get through those ugly ole thing called cravings. Yes...that's where you build your emotional sobriety muscle. Fortunately, they pass. They are temporary. Could you go for a walk or call a friend..or simply read around here?

Craving is a bit of an "emotional crisis". I say this because I am reminded of what I read about the Chinese word for crisis. It contains two symbols; one being danger, the other being opportunity. I really like that in thinking of cravings...

There is the danger of giving in...and the opportunity of staying sober.
Choose sobriety and keep on keepin' on.
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Distract yourself somehow. Take a walk or eat something. Ice cream is always good. It will pass.
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I'm having cravings badly to right now. Try to eat something and drink water it helps. Maybe try going for a run or walk or watching something funny on netflix or youtube. Think about how badly you will feel tomorrow if you give in now and drink.
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Hey desertsweetpea - great to see you

There are some really great tips for dealing with craving here - have you tried any of these?

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