Saying hello..

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Saying hello..

Hey Folks, back in the saddle after a decade and a half hiatus. Seemed career , kids and just about everything else got in the way of me taking care of myself and me taking my sobriety seriously. Was the definition of the highly functional kind , VP Sales, travelling the country, fancy hotels , dinners, clients but inside I wasn't fooling myself. Sat on the couch on fathers day , shaking another hangover off and instead of looking at the watch and justifying the start of drinking time, I realized enough was enough. Glad I found this site , for the main reason of the camaraderie of the thoughts that , until finding this , I thought only I had. The very first day of reading the posts I read one in which a gentleman expressed a need to "grow up "...yep, I've kicked myself in the a$$ with that thought daily for years . Another that really hit the mark was from the other night. I'm heading to the mountain bike trail to workout , making it day number 4 in a row. Driving there , I think to myself " is this really me ?? Shouldn't I be halfway thru a 12 pack and a pint somewhere ??" . I came home a the first post I saw was directly related to that thought process , the one that has you feeling like a fraud . I hate when I think this way , and I'm so happy to see I am not alone . Its getting clearer and clearer daily and I'm glad to be here.
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Glad to have you among us, Boxkidone! This site is so great--sometimes life-giving!
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Hello and welcome! SR really is a great place, isn't it?
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Hi Box! Welcome! You will be able to relate to many with your same circumstances. Hang in there and keep plugging!
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Stay here and near, your SR family cares...remember.."Needy people nedd people" that is why we need you here with us for all to diligently silence the maddening deadly lethal EVIL disease, for us not to do so is....EVIL itself!!!!!!
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Welcome to the Forum Boxkidone!! Great to have you onboard!!
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Welcome, Boxkidone. SR is a great place for support. Glad you've joined us.
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hello! I'm a newbie, nice to meet you. Your post struck a cord with me, perhaps I need to "grow up"....... hmmmm. Thankyou, stuff to think about.
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Psalm 118:24
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I'm glad you're here too, Boxkidone. Don't be too hard on yourself. You can't go back and change the past. But you do control your future. And you seem to be on the right track.

Stay strong. Know that this is the right thing for you to be doing. And you will be just fine.

Welcome to SR.
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