Has anyone not had cravings?

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I relate very much with your post as my addiction is much more psychological than physical. When I quit drinking I do not really suffer any physical withdrawal...nonetheless I am an addict...through and through.

When I gave up drinking last first...almost unmanageable craving hit me at about 6 weeks. I could actually go back and find the thread to give you an exact time line. It hit me from out of the flipping blue...just about knocked me down into an intoxicated heap.
Suffice it to say I hit a "trigger"....a vacation away.
I posted here ..and it helped ...tremendously..but I wasn't quite out of the woods. I had to use a few more tactics (checking in with self...playing the tape through to the end etc) It was a tough, tough 24 that first day. I got through that by the skin of my teeth...and SR really. I had brought my laptop with me.

In that sobriety (just over 4 months) I think I really had only about 3 difficult cravings (that stand out anyway).

And I didn't make it through the last. In the last, I too fell for the "I don't think I'm really an alcoholic...and I think I'm smart enough and wise enough..and have been sober long TEST that hypothesis. Ya...that was an 8 month trial and here I am...humbler.

You are wise to post your concern...cuz I do believe it's a real valid one.
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Originally Posted by RecoveringMay View Post
I everyone, I wanted to put something out there to see people's opinions. I had a very serious problem with drinking. I drank to excess since a teenager frequently getting more drunk than I wanted to be. Then I went through a very traumatic time and my drinking spiralled to the point where I was drinking two bottles of wine most nights. Six weeks ago I had enough of living like that, linked in with a treatment programme and stopped drinking.

In that time I have found the transition to living without alcohol relativity easy. In the early weeks the sheer relief of not being hungover was enough to get me through. I have had thoughts about alcohol but more habitual thoughts of getting some until I remember I don't drink anymore. I haven't experiences any time where I had cravings to drink or felt like a desire for alcohol would overpower me.

This is great in some ways but also leaving me very uneasy in my sobriety as I feel like I haven't been tested and when the craving does come I might crumble immediately. Also I think it's dangerous as the relative ease with which I have stopped may lead to me convincing myself I'm not a 'real' alcoholic, just someone who let their drinking get out of hand in response to a difficult time. I feel like if I start believing this I will attempt moderation and get back on the horrible treadmill again.

Has anyone else had this experience or have any advice or opinions?

Hi, excellent post in my opinion.
I have two viewpoints on your situation, first one I think to some level you have been very fortunate in the fact that you have had little or no cravings or withdrawals, which must feel good, secondly I am very glad that I had a rough couple of months initially as it made up my mind that I do not want to go through that ever again if I can control it.
But either way, just stick to your guns on being sober, the benefits certainly outweigh any cravings.
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