Relapse Rates

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"it is a VERY patient disease, and it wants you back"
thanks Low, that is a great quote!

I never think I'm safe, despite years of sobriety. One thing I do remember about my relapses was that I didn't know why I was going back to it. I operated as an active alcoholic without any self awareness. I didn't know why I did things in general, I didn't know why I drank.

With that going on, it's no surprise that a momentary impulse, a small thought that alcohol might be safe "this time"....steered my choices.

Now I can say that my recovery program taught me to analyze my thoughts and feelings with a very large microscope. I learned what a trigger was, and I learned what MY triggers were. I learned that I can actually choose my emotions and thoughts.
Despite that knowledge and confidence, though, I still know that I might experience a trauma, or something might make me feel hopeless. I might choose to feel hopeless.
With that awareness, I practice my program everyday...
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Originally Posted by ex D-Boy View Post

I just wonder how they are actually compiling this data?!?!
I think that is mentioned in the article

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This is not a fact but it has some meaning. “ we are closer to our next drink than our last one.”
This is a overall general statement that has merit.

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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
The only statistic I really get behind is my own.

I've stayed 100% sober when I've given it 100% effort

Okay..this wisdom just rolls off your tongue effortlessly now don't it? You are like king of the one-liners that just nail it in some short, snappy little sentiment.

Your critical thinking skills are off the charts Dee. I'm going to consider that a testament to what sobriety can do. Okee doke?
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I think that is why it is important at the start to just put your head down and be Sober, clock up that Sober time, one day at a time, and then figure out your life plan when things start to get easier!!
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