im Back Again

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im Back Again

For the last 8 weeks i havn't drunk and life has been great. i have been eating well and lost 20lbs. My blood pressure has also gone down considerably. Everything was going great until today. I went to the dentist it was a hot day and i convinced myself i deserved a drink. I went to the the pub and got smashed , i was a mess i couldn't even remember getting home , my mum was livid. I feel like i have done really well i dont want to throw it all away. Im drunk now listening to reggae and i just wanted to talk to someone
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Hi bradley

Wha I really suggest is you join the Class of June thread and post here everyday....even when things are going well.

Posting here after you drink and then disappearing again until the next time really isn't delivering any benefit to you.

Make a change this time. Make this your turning point

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Better 8 weeks sober and one day drunk than 8 weeks drunk and one day sober. Just get right back up on that horse and don't dwell too much on it. Just learn from it. Now you know. Next time you think you deserve a drink..get a milkshake.
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Well done on 8 weeks. The Summertime was always a bigger threat to me drinking. Too many Alcoholic sociable things to do. Or so I thought.
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Welcome back!! Go at it again and you'll get there!!
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I'm with Dee, use SR less as a confessional when you drink and more as support to not drink.
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Thanks everyone, You are right Dee i should post more and not just when things have gone bad. I think i dont post a lot because i dont feel like i have a lot of good things to share, i dont know. Onwards and upwards
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It's important to post about successes as well as failures. Reading about people who were making it work helped me find the courage to pull the trigger on getting sober. Remember that at eight weeks you're a lot further along than some of your readers have been for a decade or more - maybe you end up dropping some insightful offhand remark that helps someone else quit or stay quit.

So I guess I am saying that at eight weeks you likely have a lot of good things to share
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