New to drinkign dreams..

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New to drinkign dreams..

I'm taking it as a sign! I have never that I can remember anyway, had dreams about drinking either when actively drinking or when I have been trying to quit. But I have had two in the last three days.

They can be a bit alarming too. I woke up (after a little nap this afternoon..ahem) and having dreamed about trying to find a supermarket that was open to buy some wine. I found it in the dream and was relieved as hell. I woke up shortly after that and felt a weird mixture of relief that it was only a dream and also disappointed and with a mild craving for booze as a result of being let down by it 'only' being a dream.

I'm really on-track with my sobriety right now and feel strong. Attended 6 AA meetings this week and had no real struggles with cravings, so I am taking this as a sign my subconscious is doing this to me as a protest!

(with apologies for the spelly in the title - don't seem to be able to edit it)..
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My personal view on Drinking dreams is that it's just your mind stretching it's legs after years of sedation. The fact that they happen to be about drinking is kind of irrelevant to me as I'll occasionally have strange/disturbing/odd dreams about really just about any subject. Fortunately they don't haappen all the time and they are just dreams.
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Drinking dreams can be crazy at times, but the body is simply adjusting to not having what it has always had, things will get better with time!!

Keep pushing through!!
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I've had dreams about alcohol the last two nights as well, though this wasn't completely uncommon for me in the past. I don't really recall the dream I had last night, but woke up at 5:30AM thinking I was hungover and had blacked out and done something foolish the night before. Was a big relief once I realized I wasn't hungover at all and had fallen asleep after watching jimmy Fallon last night (while completely sober).
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I learned not to dewell over those drinking dreams right after having them.
I agknowledge I just had one and move on.
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