Day 9

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Day 9

I have been waking up very groggy and kind of out of it the last two days for some reason. I'm reading posts on SR and it is depressing. So many people relapsing and so few with long term sobriety... I know that the majority of long term sober people must drop off the forum and just go about their lives, and that the forum will mostly be folks that are new and struggling. Or relapsed.

I really appreciate you long timers and successful new comers that have stuck around to encourage the rest of us. I need to hear from people that have done it. I need to know that I can do this.

I can't do this on willpower for the rest of my life. I have to come to the point where alcohol holds no interest for me. I compare it to huffing glue or gasoline. It might make you feel good, but I could sit in a room with a gallon of gas until time stopped and I would have no desire to huff it. I need to be able to do that with alcohol. Otherwise, it is only a matter of time...
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I remember your name when I signed up,not doing to great dirk?And you're right,it's very nice for people to stick around and help out.
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The longer I stayed sober and the more I worked on myself and my life, the more I changed.

It happened slowly, it wasn't overnight.

I bought scotch for my Dad last Xmas - had it at my place for two weeks - I forgot it was there

Change happens

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You can do this dirk!! it can be done!!
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Realising my life
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Here to support you, dirk I don't know if you'd call it long term sobriety, but I am approaching 500 days and feeling great. And many others here have much much more than that

Rooting for you. Hope you can feel it
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I know how you feel, and the realities of alcoholism take some coming to terms with at times.
Relapse is common and often part of the process of recovery for some, although not all.
However, many of us do recover to enjoy happy and purposeful lives over the long term and S/R has many such examples.
What really stood out in your post 'I can't do this on willpower for the rest of my life' and in my experience that has proven true.
I believe we need support, guidance and companionship on this path and S/R is part of that.
Others like me choose then to attend AA or some other group that provides face to face contact and another group of which we can feel part of and at one with.
A feature of this illness is a feeling that we need to and must isolate.
That we can make it alone.
I think our chances are much less if we do so, and encourage you to research and find out what more is out there to help.
But have heart.
If you wan't it enough, and are prepared to work for it, wonders in sobriety lie ahead.
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I, too, find it depressing sometimes to read the posts on here. Particularly the relapse posts. It absolutely shakes my world to the core when I read about, or hear about someone with long-term sobriety having a relapse. It's frightening and it really shows the insidiousness of this problem we all share, this thing called alcoholism. I am trying to be more careful of what I read and where I put my focus. I know I am being selfish, because everyone needs to support each other. I am willing to do that, but not if it threatens my sobriety. I am hanging onto that with every fibre of my being. I have to do it this time ... I will do it this time. And you will be there right there beside me dirk ... all the way. I have faith in you. Onward ...
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