Day 3 (and dream last night)

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Day 3 (and dream last night)

Wow...I haven't had a day three since right after New Years.

Yesterday was tough. We are in the process of moving from one house to another and putting the old one up for sale. I was feeling so sick (digestive) and shaky as the day went on, and the heat felt deadly. However, I stopped when I needed to stop, and I rehydrated all day. I was feeling a bit better by evening, though I found myself pretty cranky. Sleep was very minimal last night.

However, I felt a lot better this morning (though tired), and certainly better than yesterday. My friends/family just assume I have a stomach bug, and I haven't really disabused them of that notion. They figure I'm not drinking because I don't feel well. I'm thinking that as I feel better I'm just going to say that I felt better not drinking and decided that I enjoyed that feeling better and just don't want to do it anymore.

I know there will be pressure, but one of our other good friends (former drinking buddy) quit drinking and started going to AA, and nobody gave him too bad of a time when he said he didn't want to drink.

I guess I'm rambling a bit. I bought a lot of juices in a lot of different flavors so that I have things to drink in addition to water.

I had a dream last night that I was on a work convention and sitting outside and someone offered me a drink. Apparently that is the last thing I remembered until I woke up the next morning, with my husband being very upset and concerned. He said I came in soaking wet with mud on my feet and had apparently went out and gotten a half-body tattoo that was partially completed!! It was really bizarre. I felt awful! Then I woke up (for real) and had a while trying to figure out the difference between dream and reality, thinking my husband was still angry with me. I even felt a bit hungover until I realized that wasn't real either. It was all quite strange but obviously is reflecting the stress I feel about not wanting to drink anymore.

Well, that is a long ramble but I'd like to thank everyone for continuing to be helpful and supportive.

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Those kind of dreams are freaky! Ha ha, I haven't had one of those for a long time.

What's up with the tattoo, do you think?
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I often have dreams within dream (within dreams within dreams!) Some serious Inception stuff going on there. Trying to discern dreams from reality us quite tough. It's rough to not be sure if you're awake or not, especially when some of those dreams involve erratic behavior on your part and/or the part of others. I have woken up in a shear panic, certain that I'd gone off the rails again, though I don't know when, how or why it had happened.
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Hey ST,

I've been having some really bizarre dreams myself since I quit 5 days ago. It seems par for the course in early sobriety. At least it is for me. Congrats on day 3!
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Thanks. The dream was really weird. I don't know about the tattoo. . . it was all black and went up to my chest, with maybe a tree in it and a partial moon? I can't remember now, but I do remember it was UGLY .

Thanks for responding!
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