Wardrobe Malfunction!

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Cool Wardrobe Malfunction!

no not that!
I realized I'm out doing yard work in a bright orange t-shirt that says,"Forget Candy, Give Me Beer" (Happy Halloween) and a cap with "VB, Victoria Bitter" on it. I just grabbed a tee shirt in the quiet dark this morning. And then later a hat for yard work from the pile I have. Then it dawned on me. I had to change shirts or cover up before going to meetings - didn't want to trigger anyone.

I have too many shirts and hats that advertise beer etc. Not to mention my entire collection of Yuengling trucks, collectables and what not. Now that I am aware of it I realize how stupid it looks. All along I was advertising that I had a drinking problem. Normal people don't have 10 hats with beer ads on them, or shirts. At least it's not Bud - I have some class.

I think I have over a $grand of things I can unload on ebay.
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Well considering I usually get filthy doing yard work, isn't it a good idea to wear that instead of a good shirt?
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I have a few t-shirts like that lurking in the back of my closet. They need to go.
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Originally Posted by LBrain View Post
I think I have over a $grand of things I can unload on ebay.
One persons trash is another's treasure? Cheers to making bank on EBay and 'separating the wheat [shirts] from the chaff'.

I agree with SUDs...keep your good shirts good and change your oil in the beer shirts
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Ha! This post reminded me of a t-shirt I saw one time that said, "I'm Not As Think As You Stoned I Am."
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