Sober Weekend Planned? You MAY (9-11) Join Us!

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Originally Posted by Weasel1966 View Post
The A team is in the house! Abstinent team! Not that other A!
I do love it when a Sober plan comes together!!
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Hmmm olive....go Mexican with some avacado , lime, cilantro and sea salt.. Make a guacamole ... Go Italian with vine ripe tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil.... Make a Caprese ... Go Mediterranean with kalamata olives, fresh cucumber, red onion and feta.... Oh boy! Now you did it... I am hungry!
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I'm in guys. Good to meet you all! I've been sober for the past two days, which in itself has been difficult. I've been beating myself up in a horrible way about having urges and potentially slipping up with it.

So the sober weekend sounds awesome. I'm taking the train back to Belfast tomorrow (I'm staying at home with family this evening) and I'm going to relax, have an awkward conversation with my housemate about my drinking that can't be avoided (but will provide some closure hopefully), try and get some exercise and play a few new games on my PC. I'm still looking for new things to take me away from certain triggers, so I'll have a think about that. And I'm not back to work until Tuesday, so if you don't mind I'll have an elongated sober weekend. Sound good?
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Welcome rylianh!
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I'M in .what else can I say. Good luck all!
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Heading to my home group. I have been doing house cleaning on the side for extra money and one of my new clients wants me back tomorrow. It kills me physically but I am really grateful because I do need the money LOL
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welcome Rylian, glad to have you aboard.

Well my weekend (it's always weekend for me) started out almost awesome this morning. Went fly fishing, hooked into what seemed like a two+ pound trout. It was 18" when it broke the water! It was a hell of a battle - for about 15 seconds. I had a size 20 fly and all I got was some lip for it. Fish lip that is. I hooked into a couple decent ones. Well, time to shower, cook dinner and start working in the garden - late.

Good sober Friday to everyone!
Wow, so many posters already.
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Feeling good!

The HVAC guy came and was able to repair my busted AC unit. $260 more than I wanted to spend for AC, but $15K less than I was fearing.

I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and organizing my shop, which was badly overdue. I somehow managed to step on a screw in such away that it came up through the sole of my boot and poked me in the foot. Not too bad, but it sure got my attention.

I was also able to pick through my lumber pile and find many suitable pieces for the chairs project, so I won't have to buy as much lumber as I was anticipating.

Time to clean the kitchen and make dinner. She-who-must-be-obeyed will be home in an hour!
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What I like most about the weekend thread is the momentum.

The same momentum for getting drunk aimed at sobriety.
I can feel the power with our combined team effort.
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It Saturday morning 7.30am. Off to the gym and then to watch my daughter play sport, some cooking later and we will watch a movie in tonight. Sound like a great day and sober it will be better.
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Plans cancelled again. Sigh! I'll try again in 2 weeks.
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AF66... That's so cool that you are up and spending Saturday while I (and others) wind down our Friday. I heard it said you are the land of the future.... Lol then if you are sober in my future then so shall I! Thanks for that prediction!

Patman! Woo hoo hell yes!
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Today is my day 5. Just went grocery shopping. First time I had to pass through a beer and wine section to get sparkling water. I actually felt repulsed at the idea of drinking. Guess I'm enjoying sobriety so far.

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Chris.. Welcome! I see that isle also. I look at it as I walk by on my way to get a gallon of milk. Good for you.

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on train home from work typing on tiny phone screen. holy cow this thread is busy. good!

the food suggestions sound awesome. i just ate raisin bread with almond butter. my new breakfast craving but i saved it for a snack today. heading to a meeting when i get to destination.
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Originally Posted by Nonsensical View Post
What caught my eye? - an electric popcorn popper.

Epic fail.

This has become a family joke - the tale of how NOT to give a gift on Mother's Day.
Okay I might be weird but was this one that you could pop with oil? If so I would have liked it! But I am a popcorn fiend!
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I'm in! Tomorrow will be the normal laundry and cleaning so I can go to the beach on Sunday with my family to celebrate Mother's Day. I have a great book to read and a fun picnic planned. I am looking forward to it so much. Sobriety is the greatest gift I'm giving myself and my family this Mother's Day. My best to everyone here!
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Walked past wall o'wine at the grocery store without blinking, staring or salivating. Or having any thoughts other than "this is the part where I am supposed to have cravings. But I'm not."

Lady in front of me must be having a feast. She bought eight tenderloins at ten dollars each and three lobster tails. I salivated at that and then had the thought that hopefully someone knows how to cook all that or it is going to be a mighty expensive waste. I looked at my nine dollar pork butt/shoulder roast and gallon of milk. I think I'm going to make shredded barbeque pork for Mother's Day and feed my parents. Cole slaw to go with.

And welcome Rylian.

Olive, the only slug stuff I know of isn't PC on this thread. I've found beer in jar lids, placed around the plants, to be highly effective in baiting and killing the buggers. Maybe google non alcoholic slug baits?

I am off to my meeting and hopefully will NOT get stuck by a train, there or back. They have been blocking my street all day today. Heavier rail traffic than usual.
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Hey, count me in too. Better late than never. Still Friday evening here.
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Feeling a little sad now. Our Labrador retriever is not looking too good. She is almost 13 and has been getting frail. While making dinner I offered her her favorite snack and she wouldn't eat it. First time ever this dog wouldn't take food from me. Not a good sign.

My son is coming home from college tomorrow. He's the dog's favorite, so maybe that will pump a little life into her.
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