No urges what so ever??? How can that be???

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No urges what so ever??? How can that be???

When i got out of detox a year ago all i had was urge after urge to use again but since the day i left the hospital and havent used i dont have a single urge to use. I for the life of me dont even think about using and im not sure if anyone else out there has found this true too. I been doing so much research on relapsing and foud that most relapse within just a few hours after detoxing... I think what has me this way is that i know in my heart very deeply that if i were to relapse even just for one shot i would loose everything im working so hard to get like my families love and respect not to mention i would destroy my best friend that i love and wanna spend the rest of my life with. My love fr her is the strongest ive ever felt and im working hard on my inner troubles to become the man she wants and needs. It weights very very heavy on my mind every few minutes... If thats whats keeping the urges away the god bless me... I spoke in group today about what i did and all the lies i told everyone and allof them said they did the same exact thing so i kinda felt a lil better knowing they all agreed that using drugs turns us all into terrible liars sooner or later. Im a good person with a huge heart and i help so many but now i gotta help myself and the woman i love to heal so we have a future together again soon... Im manning the **** up and facing everything bad i did. All i want is love and a peaceful life... Gunna have it all oneday... I just know it...
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I got to a point where all I wanted was change.

I'm glad you're feeling untroubled Painless

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Hi Painless, you are very lucky just like I was. For us, the obsession was lifted immediately. I would advise you though not to get cocky or complacent and keep working on your recovery. I see that you are doing IOP which is cool but you might want to consider joining AA or SMART or another program/support group.
Alcoholism is cunning, baffling and powerful and it might be dormant but it also might be waiting for you to drop your guard to get you when you least expect it.
Good luck and congratulations on choosing sobriety and recovery
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Hello, Painless,

I'm the same, 41 days clean today and don't have the slightest conscious urge to pick up a bottle at all. Strange how I can go from a roaring alcoholic to this state of mind and not be craving alcohol.

I'm very mindful of a first drink is okay scenario. I keep myself aware of that frequently. Especially when I'm not busy with something else that distracts my mind.

Well done on your perseverance and keep it up. There's some great advice here on SR. Keep working through your programme and stay strong.

All the best,

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Same for me. Once I quit drinking FOR GOOD I had very few cravings. I guess it was time.
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