I Really Want to Die.

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Originally Posted by nicole100 View Post
I had no idea my sister would say anything. In fact I didn't think much of what I did say.
I know this is difficult to see right now but I firmly believe things happen for a reason. It does not sound like the room at your mom's is a healthy envirnment. You might actually be better in you car and a hotel/motel till you can secure your own place with your bonus. We grow from persevering through adversity.

I believe that if you are doing the next right thing, which it sounds like you are then you are bettering yourself and good things will be coming your way soon. Keep the chin up, your early in sobriety but building the foundation that your life, your sober life can be built off of. Good things are on the way Nicole you just have to weather through this difficult time.

I would guess that those that commented about relating to similar situations can look back with context and see how things improved
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I hope you feel better. I know that you posting here means you've got some fight left in you. Don't give up.
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Nicole - If you are getting a bonus of $2,000 two weeks after your lease is up I think you are going to be fine. You should check up on the local tenant laws in your area, but I can tell you in NY that it takes a long time to evict someone. Here the landlord has to send a three day notice, schedule a hearing in court, get a warrant for eviction, schedule a day for the sheriff to physically carry out the eviction, etc. Unless the tenant is breaking the law the absolute quickest you can evict someone is around 45 days (even after they stop paying rent for months), and that assumes that the landlord has an attorney pursuing it. In FL it may be completely different.

As far as the foreclosure goes, the bank taking possession of the property is probably going to even be slower to act than your former landlord. If the bank has taken possession of the property you can tell the ex-landlord to go jump in a lake. Do not pay any rent to the ex-landlord if the bank has already taken possession. The bank MAY even let you stay there in a month to month lease if they know that they aren't going to be able to bring it to auction for a long period of time. They may make you get insurance to ensure that the property doesn't get damaged.

If you wanted to take advantage of the situation you may be able to squat for a while rent free and then ask the bank for a cash-for-keys payment. It happens all the time and I have seen people get $5,000 just to move out of a foreclosure. If the bank sells it to a private investor looking to 'flip' the property it is a different story and they are going to want you out asap. You still may be able to get a payment to leave though. I don't necessarily agree with the morals of taking advantage of the situation, but you still have options other than getting tossed out in the street.
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