1 month today

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1 month today

Well, technically since February was only 28 days, its more like 28 days but whatever, I'm just gonna say a month cause it's technically a month since Feb 12, 2014.

So, I have been sober off alcohol for exactly a month. I'm craving alcohol like no other right now. Been having trouble sleeping the past week to. My anxiety levels are high. I've smoked weed a handful of times, but I'm on day 3 right now. I'm trying to quit both at the same time which is tough but I know I can do it.

Also, for the record, I've only smoked a handful of times, and each time was only a hit, I've drastically reduced the amount I've consumed since the beginning of this year. I went from smoking like 4-5x/day to basically one hit every other day.

Anyways, I'll take any tips/pointers to get me through this next month. I still have strong will to stay off the booze, but lemme tell ya, the inner voice is trying any way it can to convince me its ok to drink. agghh!!
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Great job on 1 Month!!!
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The day I stopped boozing and drugging for good, I told my then 6 year old son...."I'm going to do something for you my Father never did for me. I'm going to raise you stone, cold, sober."

That was almost nineteen months ago. By far, the best decision I have ever made in my life! Absolutely no regrets.

Be Encouraged!
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as a sober contributor
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Congratulations Krete! That is an excellent first milestone.

Yep your AV is talking to you, my friend. In time, he won't be as prevalent but for now you just need to try not to listen. When he kicks in, get up and go for a walk or get busy with a project around the house. Distractions work wonders!

Keep it up, your doing great!
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Congrats on the first of many sober months.
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i got 8 days in and I am feeling the same way!! i am itching for a beer right now!!
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Yup, it sucks.
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To be content
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I am at 12 days sober and hear that voice telling me I want a drink at certain times of the day, everyday. Especially right after work or if I'm relaxing watching tv. I have found that if I have a treat like double fudge ice cream (which I am out of right now), or go for a walk, run or hike it helps. I also found that having a variety of non-alcoholic drinks in the house helps. I struggle with anxiety so I stick to non caffeinated teas and sodas. It helps with the habit of always taking a drink. Good luck to you, be strong, and hopefully you have some good Spring weather to get outside!
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