Peace = Alcohol not and option

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Peace = Alcohol not and option

Yesterday, alcohol was truly "off the table" for awhile. Not an option. I was left with peace and contentment. A spacious, in-the-now moment. Then I saw bottles of wine. A craving popped up. I could see is so clearly. It wasn't powerful, but it was very unpleasant, a disturbance of the peace. I let it go fairly easily. I woke up today and it's gone, for now.

Can anyone relate to these sudden shifts from misery to peace? Or is it usually a gradual process.
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I can absolutely relate to it, today I felt serene for a few hours, happy and glad I didnt have that poison inside me. Then boom, a dip, the craving comes, equilibrium gone. It is common, everyone experiences it. It took us a long time to become alcoholic, so it goes without saying it will take a while for the demons to go. Im hoping they do go eventually, and reading ppls posts on here they do. Stick with it
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For me, cravings are like the "wind."

One day I feel fine. A month will go by and i feel fine and the very, next, day...woooooooo, WTF did that come from??? The frequency and intensity are not nearly as regular or intense as they use to be. Yet, I still feel an occasional "breeze."

Thus, I never, ever, allow myself to think in terms of "I've got this." Even after nineteen consecutive months of 100% sobriety, my attitude is still childishly simple. All I have to do is not drink today. That's IT!

Why jump over a hurdle when you can walk over a stick?
Hope this helps.
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