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Hi there,

I wanted to get a few days under my belt before I introduced myself, and here I am, day 3 and sober. I turn 50 this year, and I have been drinking far too much for far too long. I can so relate to the posts on this board about how one drink is never enough, how weekend drinking becomes every day drinking. I am the quintessential high functioning, professional alcoholic, but the functionality is starting to slip and I just want to be sober from now on. And healthy, if my liver isn't already fried! I've had a few failed starts which have ended in a week or two with my illogical conclusions that I can moderate. That obviously hasn't worked out well for me.

There is a women-only AA meeting that meets on Fridays near my office that I am thinking about attending, but it is listed as a closed meeting. How does this work -- can I go to this meeting even though it is closed?

Regards to all
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Yes you can. Open meetings are for those that might bring a family member or a friend for support and observation. Closed are for those of us with the problem.

Congrats on day 3 .
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First and foremost Congratulations on 3 days!

Secondly, if you're unsure, I would call first but I if think you need support, and there's no shame in admitting that you do, I would still stop by regardless.

Finally, remember, all you have to do is not drink today. Why jump over a hurdle when you can over a stick? Don't worry about tomorrow, next week, next month, think about going on some kind of "streak" or even contemplate next year. Once you shrink the goal down to a level that is achievable, sobriety is not nearly as daunting.

Please stay in touch.
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Yes as Lady said. At Closed meetings topics and experiences may be expressed with the comfort of knowing understanding people are present as some can become quite personal.

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Well done! It's never to late to turn your life arround
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Welcome to SR!

Sounds like you're making a plan to change your life.

Best of Luck on Your Journey!
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Welcome, holli. You have come to a great place for support. I hope the women-only meeting goes well for you. Keep posting; we are here for you.
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Hello Holli,
Welcome to SR.
That's great you have 3 days under your belt.
Use this website as much as possible. It really does help to talk with folks here that have chose sobriety.
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Welcome to the Forum!!
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Wow, I just want to say thank you for making me feel welcome and for giving me a forum to talk about my stuff, which just isn't possible at work or home. I especially love the reminder to focus on today and not forever. Forever sobriety sounds impossible right now, but I KNOW I can stay sober today. :-)
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Welcome to SR Holli

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Welcome to the family. Three days sober is a good start to a better way of living.
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Hi Holli, I could have written your post - maybe there is something about hitting that magic 50 number too! I thought I was superwoman but obviously not. Well done on coming here, it has helped me immensely.

I went to my first AA meeting thisweek which was mixed and very large and overwhelming. I am going to try the smaller women's only group to see if it is a better fit for me. Keep us posted on how you go x
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It's very good to meet you Holli. I was older too when I finally stopped. It's wonderful to be free. Great job on your 3 days.
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