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Question Creating Your Reality

For those struggling.

A couple of questions. Really think about this.

Find a quiet place, think about it.

Would you intentionally put yourself in jail?
Would you intentionally hold yourself hostages?
You don't think you can free yourself?

Because that's what you're doing. You're making that CHOICE.

Do you really get what, taking a day at a time means?
Just for today, I chose not to drink.

Yesterday is gone, it serves us no purpose at all.
Worrying about tomorrow is a huge waste of time and energy.
So we stay in the day, "TODAY." We work on our sobriety
our lives, this is our one shot chance with it.
Why continue to waste precious time with it, when you
can be enjoying it.

Ok, so you've been damaged by another humans words or actions.
You need to realize, they were the one's with the problem, not YOU.
Let them own that, don't give them power anymore. And the worse part about this, is those who do this when that person has passed away years ago.
I've seen some where I live, doing that.

Ok you don't have any money, the part that's babbled me, when some say that. You have money to drink, right?

I have a suggestion, go to the dollar store, they have cans, that don't have a lid, just a slot to put your money in. Why not invest in one of those, and while you're not drinking, put the drinking money in it. Don't open it until it's as full as it can get. Ta da, look at that, maybe there's enough to take you on a small trip, buy some new clothes, go to a few movies.

It's not fun wobbling around with life. It doesn't have to be that way.
Time to work on creating the life you've been meant to live.
You weren't meant to hold yourself hostage.
Today's a good day to free yourself. What are you waiting for?

Life is sooooooo short
Get on with your life

JUST FOR TODAY.......I chose not to drink.
Have a GREAT sober happy day.
It's all about CHOICES.
Choose wisely.

And if you chose to keep wobbling with life, why not do it a fun way.
I promise this kind of wobbling won't hurt you

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Wonderful post, inspiration to stay clean another day, thank you x
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thanks Jus
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Omg!! Just now was the first time I've done this dance sober!! I laughed my way through it. while dancing I had memories of teetering in heels (drunk) trying to keep my balance. I cried. My moves were on point just now!! Thanks for the post, I needed it.
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Brilliant (as usual) Jus.
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Talking Dream big

A young woman has been dancing around on my mind today.

I was invited to an event last summer, and met the most amazing young woman. She sat beside me, and told me about her life. She entered life with down syndrome, something I'm very familiar with, being raised where I had.

She told me she was giving up pepsi, because she drank to much of it, and wanted to loose some weight. She told me there were some things she wasn't able to do. I smiled and said, "Guess what? A lot of us have trouble doing certain things too, but not to give up, to always keep trying.

She told me about her dreams, and said she DREAMS BIG.

She apologized because her eyes watered. I gave her a tissue and told her, mine water too (mine were tears listening to her).

She told me her biggest dream on how she wanted her bedroom to be. It was magical listening to her.

There was dancing at this event. She wanted to dance, but said she was embarrassed. I said NO, get up, have fun. And she did, I could see her spirit flying along with her. That will be a precious moment in time, I'll always carry with me.

I gave her a big hug when it was over, reminding her, she could do whatever she wanted to do, not to give up, always keep trying, no matter what.

The event was a book signing I had been invited to. It was surreal, to say the least. Who me??? A book signing.

So see that, always
, anything is possible.

Think of the young lady, I just mentioned


Oh My Life
Is Changing
Every Day

Every Possible

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Sorry, but I can't help myself bumping these LOL

I can't tell you how much better I feel since I gave up the fight.

I want you all to have what I have today.


So which wobbling do you chose to do? The painful one, or the fun one?
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Hi Jus,

Thanks for this - you always say such inspiring and kind things accompanied with beautiful images and all I'm happy to hear you are feeling so good.

I relate to this particular post... am a big dreamer myself, have always been (even when they were nightmares). When in a good place, I like to think about my life as a kind of creative project or a story that I'm writing in sometimes weird and eccentric ways. Of course it's always a "collaborative" creation with nature, other people, sometimes with forces beyond my understanding. Of course there are also the dark chapters but those are exactly the ones we are trying to take to another destination... I really like this kind of inventive way of living and I'm trying to do what I can now to not let addictions steal the creative energy from me. I can see you have a lot of that yourself!
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To be content
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Hey jus,

Loved your post and videos that you shared. I love to dance. I used to enjoy it in clubs and of course hammered. Even though it was fun in the moment, the morning after always erased that enjoyment. Now that I am getting sober, I have thought about dance lessons. I love spanish and hip-hop dance. Sober swager instead of a drunkin swager sounds twice as fun.
I cried with your post about the girl that touched your heart with her story quitting Pepsi and wanting her dream bedroom. So very sweet. This made me think about the whole time I was drinking in excess I never thought about my dreams. As I work more on being sober each day those dreams get brighter and closer to accomplishment. We all need stories like this little girl to remember the only way to accomplish our dreams and keep them strong in our minds is stay sober. Thank you for the big smile and touching story!
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You make me want to be a better me. Thank you!

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