Superbowl vs Sobriety

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Superbowl vs Sobriety

I guess I will start at the beginning. I made a New Years Resolution to be 100% sober and was thrilled with my new lifestyle, until Superbowl Sunday...

It is ironic because I actually went out and bought myself a new pair of boots to celebrate having been sober for 30 days, and I do not even like football...but shortly after I got all fancy dressed in my new sobriety boots, I got...bored. So very very bored, and all I could think about was all the alcohol in my aunts house (where we were watching the game).

This was the very first time I had even thought about drinking since January 1st and it was powerful, and I was not ready for it. I fought like hell with myself, snapping a rubberband on my wrist even to distract myself when I had a drinking thought or desire. End result was that I gave in and bought a bottle of wine, and drank the whole damn thing that night.

Long story short, not only did I relapse, I gave up sobriety. Here I am 5 weeks later and wanting a sober life yet again. I want it so bad. So, maybe this time I can keep myself from getting bored and just take it one day at a time.

I did not participate in any form of groups, etc last time, I just did it by myself. Maybe talking about stuff will help. Here's hoping!
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I had a business deal that would fall favourably in my favor. I took a drink, and the business deal fell through. We can not will ourselves to be sober.
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Hi KristiSue. I too struggle with drinking because I am bored. It is a very strong urge and sometimes I have to get out of my house to resist the urge. I am only 3 days into deciding I have had enough though. Good luck in your recovery and I wish you all the best.
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Welcome, KristiSue! I'm glad you decided to join us!

You live not too far from me, BTW.
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Thanks! Getting out of the house is exactly what I should have done, but we all know how that turned out. Very good advice, I will remember to do that if it happens again!
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Hi KristiSue,
I am sober 9 days and I was at my moms last weekend and there was booze everywhere and it felt like my skin was crawling I wanted to drink so bad! One thing that helped is that my family knows I stopped drinking so they probably would've said something if I had tried to pour a drink. Maybe this time you could let your family know so they could help you? If you feel weird, like they will judge you, just tell them you are trying to lose weight or doing an organic body cleanse.

It sounds like you like to shop... I bought a new ring that I wear that reminds me that my hands no longer touch alcohol. That might work for you too. This site helps with my boredom, and you can always take up a hobby, volunteer to help others, give yourself beauty treatments, organize your closets, sell your old stuff on eBay or buy stuff at thrift stores and resell on ebay, adopt or foster a shelter animal, exercise, or convince a hipster in Starbucks to play scrabble with you and then drag the game out until your craving passes heehee. Those are just a few ideas.

Imagine the possibilities your future holds without alcohol, and the setbacks you'll inevitably face with it. Then put those sobriety boots back on and start walkin!

Hugs and prayers, you can do it!
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my last drink was SuperBowl...
only had 1 beer....

going to AA meetings everyday has helped a lot in my first month.
just to be around people instead of isolating
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Welcome to SR KristieSue.

I think you'll like it here. Do check out our March support thread if you haven't already:
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Welcome to the Forum!!
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Originally Posted by KristiSue View Post
So, maybe this time I can keep myself from getting bored and just take it one day at a time.
I agree with the one-day-at-a-time concept. And staying busy is good. But recovery isn't a simple as relieving boredom. An alcoholic, deprived of alcohol, is discontent unless drinking. So fill your time with recovery, learning to live without alcohol.

Good luck.
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Boredom has long been my trigger too. Carl's post above is really well-stated. The thing is, at some time sooner or later, you will be bored and will need to have something in place to not drink about that. Staying busy and new hobbies and passions are wonderful though, and can provide excitement and joy in sobriety, but they are not a cure in and of themselves. (Im talking to myself as much as to you ) Good luck!
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