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Methadone & recovery

im a month sober and have been in the methadone program for over 4 mths. now. I have a sponsor who told me that she doesn't think the program will worl for me as good cuz im on methadone cuz im still dependant o something and its a synthetic opiote. I felt a little discouraged about that comment cuz I love the support I get from my methadone place and its not just me going in taking my dose and leaving..theres counseling and booklets I do and I find it beneficial to me that I go.if it wasn't for them I couldt get off heroin and live a normal life.i am a mother and have a job so the choice for me to go to detox was out of the question. Methadone is not something I plan on staying on forever but for now it does help my cravings.Im only on 65 mgs. But now that she stuck that bug in my ear I cant help but wonder if I wasn't on meth.if my recovery would be different..would it be better? I think im doing great so fa..I go to meetings everyday...obviously got a sponsor and im on step 4.Does anyone have any opinion on this? my meth.counselor said ppl who don't know a lot about meth.judge it harshly anf they should..I knw heroin anonymous welcomes ppl on meth.and doesn't trat them different but I love the fellowship in AA..i don't know just a little confused.I know she wants me off of it but its not something I want to do right now and am scared if I tell her shell quit me..I feel like im in the middle and am being pulled different directions~!!!!
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We have a methadone forum here, so that should give you some idea about where this website stands

I'm not in AA but there is an official pamphlette on AA and medications:

Linked with the permission of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

I think the advice can be summed up as
AA members do not give medical advice to each other - we leave the medicine decisions to the doctors and hope the patient can find the courage to fully honest with their prescribers.
Medications and other drugs - AA FAQ
Of course if your sponsor feels strongly about it, that's her position and she can direct you to find another sponsor.

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I was on methadone for 4 years back around 2007. It literally saved my life. I was grateful for it. I realized though that it wasn't the answer for recovery from addiction but I was able to live a more normal life. I think there are a few different opinions on this. But you and I both know how hard it is to come off opiates.

You sound like you want to wean off them eventually and It sounds like you are motivated to get well and be in recovery.

Don't do anything without a doctor's guidance. A sponsor is someone to guide you through the steps. If that is a problem for them because you are on methadone, find a new sponsor.

Being on methadone is a heck of a lot better than running the streets looking for heroin and shooting up. I have been off methadone for almost 4 years and I am glad it was there when I needed it.

I was not doing meetings at the time and had no sponsor. I was not attempting any real recovery at the time, I just wanted to feel better from the dope sickness and I did and was able to function like a normal person.. Sounds like you have a plan and do want to wean eventually and work a program.
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thank u so much both of u!! this has helped more than u know and if she keeps hassling me im going to get another sponsor..i just love how she carrys herself though..and the person she is I would hate to lose..
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I am all for harm minimisation...
I was methodone many years ago and same as Deeker, it saved my life...I had no support and only had my desire to get and remain straight, In the time I was on methadone, I changed everything, I arranged to pick up my dose at a pharmacy so I had no contact with other users and also a prescribing doc instead of a clinic, I moved and slowly became employable and further educated and got my self respect back.
I worked hard, I was on a high dose and it took me a few years to reduce but by the time I had my life was unrecognisable from where I had come took approximately 12 to 15 years before I developed a unhealthy appetite for alcohol.
Don't let her rattle you, she only knows what she knows....
Good luck.
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Welcome to SR!
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Your sponsor may be more NA oriented when it comes to drug replacement programs. Here's a link to NA's bulletin regarding this.................:

Bulletin #29

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I don't have any experience with this. But a few weeks ago I went to my GP for meds to detox off alcohol. She told me the thought of methadone among doctors is changing. Yes they know it is a replacement, but it is saving the lives of those that have a Chronic addiction to heroin. If this is working for you, I don't know why you would want to stop it. Do what it takes to keep yourself safe. Blessings.
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methadone clinic issues , methadone maintenance

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