Where do I start?

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Where do I start?

I know I have a problem but where do I start? I want to quit, but I can't make myself, and I've tried lots of ways. I'm not a meetings person and won't go to AA, so what are good suggestions? I drink to get drunk every night and I have for a long time. I'm scared to quit but I have to! And sorry of this kind of thing is posted all the time, you can just ignore it the.
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Welcome! You made the right first step and you came to the right place for support. We're all here for one common goal. Sobriety. Keep reading around on the site and I'm sure you'll find useful information and inspiration.
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This is a decent way to start...acknowledging there is a problem is a bug part of it.

Not everyone does meetings in a formal setting, but some type of support is a good idea, like here at SR

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Hi and welcome roadtoawesome

posting and reading here regularly really helped me - look forward to seeing you around

If you're worried about withdrawal, the best idea is to see your Dr

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There are other methods of recovery besides AA meetings. I got sober with the help of this site and my addiction counselor. Is counseling an option for you? Might help you beat this addiction.
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This is a great way to start--by posting here!

Take it day by day and reach out on here when the going gets tough.

Lots of amazing folks who are compassionate and understand what you are going through.

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Welcome roadtoawesome. I hope this is the beginning of your road to awesome xxxxx
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Originally Posted by roadtoawesome View Post
I've tried lots of ways. I'm not a meetings person and won't go to AA...
There is only one way to not get drunk. It's dealing with not being drunk that gets difficult for us addicts.

What ARE you willing to do?
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most of us who manage some significant sobriety time begin to come to the understanding we will be willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES....

Are you?

You don't have to live like this anymore.... and there is a much, much, much better life waiting for you in sobriety.

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Welcome to SR.

You must be prepared to go to any lengths to achieve sobriety.It might mean doing things you don't want to do.

Make a decision to stay away from the first drink,if you do that there is no possibility of getting drunk.
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Thanks everyone. I just can't seem to stop buying alcohol-if I don't have a bottle of vodka, I feel a little panicked.
Counseling/dr aren't options right now due to money issues (mostly due to my drinking) and I'm between doctors currently. Are there any herbal or homeopathic remedies anyone could suggest? I'm going to see if my library has any of the recommended books. I'm willing to try about anything...except I don't want to tell anyone I know. The only person who knows how bad it is is my husband and I'd like to keep it that way.
I've Ben trying meditation and leaving positive notes around the house. I've tried buying only enough for one night and swearing that's it (only ended up costing me way more $$$!) I've made lists of pros and cons, things I can do instead of drinking, what i could do with the money I save...
I'm afraid that I won't be able to cope with stress or my emotional problems or my last if I have to be sober. I'm afraid I won't be able to enjoy sex if I'm not drunk. I have lots of fears that aren't helping.
this is my first time talking about it as a problem, in a public place. It's kind of scary but it also helps to know I'm not the first person to do this and that I'm not alone.
I really want to see what life with my family can be, and stop letting drinking rule.

Sorry for typos, I'm mobile.
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I was very much in the same place you are in now almost 7 months ago.
The alcohol becomes a double edge sword after a while. It only gives you temporary relief from lifes troubles. But,it also causes a lot of anxiety as well. You will be shocked at how you just might have a lot less anxiety after just a few weeks of sobriety.
Everyone is different however.

Tomorrow will be 200 days since I've quit. And you can do it as well.
It's all about will power and wanting to stay sober. I have done this with no AA or counseling or anything.

I'm not going to kid you,it can be very difficult at first.
Detox can be tough. Best advice would be to talk it over with a doctor. They sometimes will give you something to bring you down easy. I had many nights of no sleep and night sweats before things started to normalize.
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You can do it! If you are willing to do anything, that's a great start. Most important thing is to be willing to not drink no matter what.

Anxiety feels terrible, but I am here as living proof that it will NOT kill us. So, even when I feel like I cannot stand another moment in my skin...I am surprised to find that I do not die, and I do not literally jump out of my skin. This was beyond shocking to me at first.

Don't drink. Come on to SR to learn about how we address life sober, there are many hundreds of people who post here, so odds are good that some of the suggestions will work for you.

I come to SR every day, it IS my meeting.

Don't get ahead of yourself, by sitting and thinking of everything that might come up that might be hard or scary without a drink. You are here today, fine, in a place with a lot of people who understand what you are going through and would like to help you live sober and free. If situations arise that you need support with, we are here. Projecting into the future will make any of us crazy and want to give up.

So glad you are here. It's going to be fine, better than fine. It's uncomfortable at first, no doubt,. Just post here, we understand and we'll be here for you.
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