Hello.Im an Aloholic.

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Hello.Im an Aloholic.

Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum this is my first day starting my new sober journey and I just wanted to post and say that I'm glad that I found this place. I'm a 27 year old Army wife and mom of 2 and I'm an alcoholic. Rum is my drink of choice but I will drink anything once I get going.I have been drinking since I was 17. I Alcoholism and addiction runs in my family. I have put myself and my family through hell for years. I hate alcohol and yet every time I try to give it up I feel like I'm losing my best friend. I don't know myself without it. I fear that without it I'm not fun, not funny, uninteresting. I'm not the life of the party. I feel socially awkward without it....But I cant live like this anymore. Because it also brings out the worst in me. I have said so many evil things to people I love, I have been violent towards loved ones and strangers, Ive had a few arrests, Ive neglected my parental duties, Ive been in numerous car accidents, Ive dropped out of numerous colleges, can't hold a job...Everything negative in my life has come from my drinking. And I just can't take it anymore. I want my life back. I wasn't always this way. I have good in me. I'm tired of feeling numb. I want to love people. Properly love my husband and kids. I'm tired of my own selfishness. And I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself. I don't want to be an embarrassment anymore. I have tried so many ways to get control of this thing myself. Only drink wine, no drinking during the week, only taking enough money to the bar for a certain amount of drinks so that I couldn't buy anymore,non alcoholic beer, No drinking until after a certain time of day. I have been in and out of AA for a few years but never committed. Nothing has happened recently for me to try and quit again. No fights, no car wreck, no arrest. I'm just tired. And I don't want to die. I want to live. I want to experience REAL life. I want to know what its like to be free. Anyway...Glad to be here. Thanks
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Welcome aw, you've come to the right place for support! One day at a time or just 24 hours at a time seems manageable!
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Welcome to the greatest decision of your life.

I've found this place to be a life raft during an otherwise very stormy battle. It works when ya work it so look around & find a comfy spot to settle in. You won't regret it. I promise.
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Welcome...glad you are here
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Welcome, you will find lots of support here. Glad you have joined us.
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Welcome. I tried different patterns of drinking like you. The only was was to eventually just stop altogether xxxx
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Welcome, Armywife! You've come to the right place -- this site has lots of great people who can offer encouragement and ideas.

I understand about the grief and sense of loss that comes with giving up alcohol. It can take a while for that to dim, but it does. And you CAN move on to a new, booze-free phase of your life, where a lot of things are possible that weren't possible before!

What are you doing today to set you on the road to sobriety?
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Welcome to the family. You'll find a lot of support here.
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Welcome!! This site has defiantly been a real help to my sobriety.
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welcome Armywife! glad you are here.
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Thanks everyone, glad to be here!
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Hi and welcome army wife

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Originally Posted by Armywife5137 View Post
I hate alcohol and yet every time I try to give it up I feel like I'm losing my best friend.
I can so relate to that it is like losing your best friend. Here are a few threads that might interest you.

In regards to the stages you might go thru:

This is also a great one on goodbye letters that people have written to their "best friend" alcohol. I think you will totally relate to the letters, I certainly do!

Welcome to SR you will get lots of help and support here.
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Welcome Armywife, you will get lots of support here
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Hi AW, so glad you're here. I tried lots of schemes to moderate my drinking, but nothing worked. Now that I abstain altogether I can relax.
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Welcome to the fold, ArmyWife!

You'll find lots of wisdom, support and encouragement here. Stick with it, a new life of freedom awaits
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