I made one day (again)

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Raider first of all -- well done!

Also, when you don't drink do you only take drink away or do you put something else in place? I found that only 'not drinking' reeked of deprivation but putting something in it's place made things different. Is there a non-alcoholic beverage -- hot or cold -- that you really like? Whatever it is supply yourself with plenty of it.

Onward to day 2.
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There you go, Raider. I like the steps you are taking. You can totally do this!
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Cheering you on, Raider!!
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Glad to see your post and of course wishing you all the best things that life has to offer! Stay strong you are certainly taking positive steps in the right direction!
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I admire your bravery raider! Keep it up!
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You're doing the right things, Raider.
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Good for you! Glad to hear you're doing this.
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by Raider View Post
Made it through the day and night sober. Oh yes, how is remember the tossing, turning, sweating.....
I ask God to give me another day. This day. This day sober. Amen.

So day 2 begins....
One day at a time Raider..
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Congrats raider u can do today sober also
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Good luck Raider. You can do it!
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With you Raider with 1 day today
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You're doing this thing Raider. We knew you would.
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