I need to hear your stories about dizziness!!!

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I need to hear your stories about dizziness!!!

PLEASE! I started having dizziness a few months before I stopped drinking. Two MRI's later, numerous visits to the Primary, Neuro and ENT and everything reports normal. I have the dizziness pretty much daily. Could this be from the alcohol????? I am 4 1/2 months sober and this is driving me bonkers!!!
Please if you can relate tell me your story. I need to understand this!!
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Could be low blood pressure.....inner ear infection....dehydration.....
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I had some dizziness and palpitations. I would have this strange dizzying feeling go throughout my whole body at random times, it was scary. I went to the ER and they ran blood tests, did an EKG, tons of stuff and everything reported back normal. But they gave me some fluids and I felt better. I was dehydrated. Drink more water, take cold showers (since cold water is easier for your skin to absorb) . Look into staying hydrated.
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dehydrated. drink some water.

but go to the doctor please
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So sorry to hear you are going through this!! I too have suffered from dizziness from time to time!! It can be so debilitating!! Erik T had great advice!! You may also want to check your vision! This can be a huge factor with dizziness!! Also I know you went to ENT did they rule out menieres? Praying that you are feeling better soon!! Lind
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I have problems with dizziness too... Has happened to me on numerous occasions both in and out of sobriety... Went to the ER one time because it was so bad and the dr there said it could be vertigo and have some medication that did help.... My anxiety attacks would increase tremendously because of the dizziness and I still fear it sometimes but through getting sober I am trying to release my fears and embrace my life... Dizzy or not... Sometimes I just need to go sit by myself someplace quiet for a few minutes and it will stop
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This is the crazy thing, blood pressure always great, I drnk at least 10 glasses of water a day(I measure in a container that I take to work). I have seen two eye Drs. I follow up with the ENT soon to review a CT of my sinuses, and he is going to do a hearing teat. Thanks for the well wishes, I just want it to stop.
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Hey Disney I'm going to the ENT tomorrow for a hearing test for the same thing! I've had this several years now and it seemed to worsen with the more I drank. In fact My Day 1 was during a really bad bout. I've had a couple incidents since I stopped drinking several months ago. Was really nauseous during the last one. Taking care of myself now that I'm sober which is why I didn't go to the Dr earlier. Good luck to you tomorrow.
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Could it be vertigo? I had that before I stopped drinking and occasionally now. I also get dizzy when I am anxious... Have you had your blood sugar checked? Might be worth talking to your doctor about diet or managing anxiety if you think it could be related to that x
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I know a few people who use the Epley Manoeuvre to address vertigo.
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Since giving up alcohol I often get dehydrated because I don't recognise thirst. I have to remember to drink to avoid getting dizzy. xxxx
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I hope the Drs can discover what the problem is IluvDuisney
best wishes

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