Time for a new start

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Time for a new start

Hey. My name is Katie and I'm here for weed and cigarettes. I started smoking both about 4-5 years ago when I started going to college. Almost a year ago, I experienced a trauma and I am currently suffering from PTSD. I am beginning to realize that I will not be able to heal myself until I face all of my problems, not just the recent ones. Drugs are one of the personal issues I need to fix. I have been smoking an e-cig for the past few months. I haven't exactly been keeping track, but I would guess its been two weeks since I had a real cigarette. As for weed, I have to admit that I was only able to break out of the denial a day or two ago so I still don't have a solid game plan for quitting. I have cut down drastically in the last couple days, but haven't made it a day without smoking yet. I live with my bf and brother who are both avid smokers. Talking double digit bowls a day. I'm trying to figure out what the healthiest option is for me right now. Those two are all I have, but I don't think its a good idea for me to be around pot smoking when I'm trying to stop. Like I said, I'm still trying to work out the details, but I just wanted to introduce myself. Take care!

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Originally Posted by katie42 View Post

I just wanted to introduce myself. Take care!


nice to have you here Katie

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Welcome katie.
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Welcome to SR Katie. You will find lots of support and understanding here.
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Welcome Katie!! You will find great support and wonderful people here!!!
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Welcome to a very friendly and supportive site.
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Good yo have you join us Katie - welcome

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We're glad to meet you Katie - I think it'll really help you to be here. You're not alone.
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I'm glad you found us, Katie.
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