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it's the nature of the beast.

my emotions were part of the reason I used. I was extremely moody when I used.

I blamed others for my behavior. I was a mess.

Maybe the question is, as you asked, why are you attracted to these people? Will it happen again? What is in your past to make you want to fix someone?

I don't want the answers, but put something on paper for you. Maybe find counseling or Al Anon or Naranon and take a look at you so you don't repeat this in your future.

love & hugs,
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I was just telling my husband about your situation. I said "some guys are just *jerks (not really the word I used..), but cocaine only makes them bigger *jerks." Then I said "Cocaine makes everybody shady. You wanna see somebody get shady.. Just throw some cocaine at them." He said "Yeah- it makes people skeevy. You can even feel it on yourself." I said- "Yeah, it's dirty." He said, "Yeah."

So, that's our perspective... I don't know if that's helpful. But, I'm really sorry you got pulled in by this guy. And I'm also sorry that he hurt your self-esteem. That's not right.

I dated a guy with a bad cocaine problem a long time ago. I can relate to how you feel. I'm so glad you got out of it. He's only putting you down because you called him out, and he doesn't want to hear it. But you're right, and you're smart to stay away.

I hope you feel better soon. Try not to let it get you down.
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OttersHoldHands (01-21-2014)
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omg THANK YOU. i literally feel like ive got this like dirty mist around me thats not mine. like he left a little of his misery on me and walked off a lighter person. i had trouble explaining it to my friends but i think you just explained it better. so glad to hear someone relate or understand what i mean
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EverySngleNight (01-21-2014)

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