Day 15 and Feeling Good

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Day 15 and Feeling Good

It my 15th day and I am off the emotional roller coaster. Although I have never been an everyday drinker and mostly was a binge weekend drinker, I forgot that after 12 years of sobriety before relapsing for 2, that i was always anxious or depressed between my drinking days. I was living for that next drink and missing everything in between even though I was sober on those days.

Do I feel as good now as if I were buzzed? No, unfortunately not. But at least my emotions are stabilizing, my mind is clear, and I can focus on the task at hand.

SR has been a very good tool for me. I am very shy and will not open up in a meeting. I have been able to work through some of my issues by reading posts and have been able to write my thoughts when I need to.

Thanks for your thoughts and support.
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Great Job on Day 15!!
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Good job on fifteen days sober! I depend heavily on SR to help me stay balanced and in focus. I'm glad we are helping you.
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I'm so glad that SR is helping you to deal with some issues you're encountering. I'm really glad that you're feeling better.
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Fifteen days is brilliant x
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15 days is great Btonbill

Do I feel as good now as if I were buzzed? No, unfortunately not.
I look back now on the buzz as a very poor, fake, synthesised substitute for real happiness, real pleasure.
I hope, in time, you'll come to do the same Btonbill

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