To say "Hi"

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To say "Hi"

Hey y'all:
New and wanted to say hi. My name is Margaret, I'm 43, widowed with one son, and free from alcohol thru the grace of God for 9 months.
I'm currently job searching after quitting my 17 year government career because it's a HUGE :xloc: trigger for me.
Best of wishes and prayers for you all in your recovery journey.
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Congratulations Margaret on your 9 months. My name is Cindy and I'm an addict. I'm on 22 days after a relapse.

I think it's good your looking for a change in careers that might be just what you need. Do you go to meetings?

Welcome to SR.
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Welcome Magz!
Glad you're here.
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New and Unsure
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Welcome Maggie!
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Hi Magz!! Welcome to SR!! Great place we have here! Congratulations on your 9 months. (You didn't, by chance, work for the FBI did you?) LOL

Keep posting!
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Hi Magz,

Nice to meet you.

Welcome to SR......I think you'll like it here.

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In Memory Of
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welcome magz!
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Hi Magz!!
Welcome aboard. Big Kudos for 9 months!
My name is Kellie, alcoholic (sober 26 days this time around)
This ia an awesome place...
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Hi Magz and Welcome!!
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we're all mad here!
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Welcome Magz
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Welcome Magz and congratulations on your sobriety!
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RE-member- DONT QUIT!
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Welcome magz!!! glad your here with us, I think you will find you will be too

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Hi Margaret.....happy you found SoberRecovery, best gang around.

Congrats on 9 months....fantastic

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Hi - I'm Amanda and I am an addict... 9 months is nothing to "sneeze" at, for sure! How'd you do it? I know my path has been one with a lot of my higher power's grace on me... very often speaking through the hearts of the members of the fellowship I have chosen to call my second home for the last 2 1/2 years... Do you do it with support? Sounds like your life has had many changes in it over the passing of time... widowed, job changes. You must be courageous. I look forward to learning more about and from you as you continue to post! this is a beautiful way to reach out and find even MORE love than I have already found out there as a result of staying clean a day at a time... adding them up... finding so much to have joy about!

thanks for joining us!
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Thanks all, very much!
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