Christmas with the Alcoholics

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I think I'm just going to do Christmas in the morning before they start drinking then get out of town.
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That sounds like a great plan , do it, don't think it
"I don't want to drink at xmas, being around drinking will make me uncomfortable and give me an excuse to drink, therefore I will not put myself in that situation"
wish you well , and happy holidays
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One thing I've noticed being relatively new to sobriety and being in social situations where others are wasted... As alcoholics we tend to be self centered, even if that self centeredness is nothing but negativity toward ourselves. We think that everyone in the room is judging us and obsessing over the fact that we don't have a drink in our hand. When it comes down to it, they're just as selfish as us and have much less concern about the drink in our hand or lack thereof than we think. I was terrified of going to a party last week with all of my college friends reunited. A select few knew I was sober, and the rest just got wasted and didn't even notice it. Too concerned with their own selves. Just like I imagined some line of paparazzi following me into my first AA meeting, or everyone in my life pointing and staring at me walking into that first meeting... it doesn't happen. It's all in our heads.
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