New to SR - 18 Days

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New to SR - 18 Days

I just found this site today while searching and occupying time. Been drinking for nearly forever. Never what I thought was 'too much' but the number and frequency kept adding up higher and higher. Started having some medical signs that maybe there was a telling me triglycerides were off the scale, so I took care of that and would not drink for a few extra days before blood tests which bring it down but not normal. Have stopped before but always found a 'good' reason to have another drink. Recently went (18 days ago) to a party and was with a group of friends that are 'drinking buddies' and drink I did...big. Luckily was not driving and got home. Felt some dull pain in right back (liver pain) and that woke me up finally. Feeling much better and really have the willpower to stay dry. Looking forward to SR to 'talk' to others that have had some experiences similar and will support. Thank you all
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Welcome to SR! It's like family here and great support!

Well done on 18 days!! Post as much ad you need great people here.
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to the family. You'll find lots of support here.
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Great job on 18 Days!!
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Already enjoying it. Just knowing there are many others wrestling with similar issues. Can't believe I have succeeded in fooling myself for so many years. Trying this time to NOT fall into the same old routine. Have hope that I have stopped in time that what ever damages are not too bad. Back pain has subsided... had some shortness of breath but thinking that was stress / anxiety too. Enjoying football today, and I'll remember the game.
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Way to go Bill!
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Awesome job!!
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Welcome bill glad you found us congrats on 18!

That's a pretty great town you're in btw!!! My family does Travers weekend ever year, 2013 was my first sober, " hats off"
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Welcome to SR Bill

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Welcome Bill
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as a sober contributor
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Glad you are here, Bill and congratulations on the best decision you have ever made.

It may be tough but it would be a good idea to distance yourself from those drinking buddies.... at least until you are confident in your sobriety.

GOOD LUCK in your new life!
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Welcome Bill, congrats on 18 days. Glad you have joined us.
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Hi Bill!

I've just joined too, but am only on day 2. 18 days=awesome!!!! Go you!
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Welcome fellow New Yorker It's so good to have you here.

I was older when I quit - and health issues were one of the main reasons. I was in sad shape, and very dependent on it. I knew I wouldn't be leading a long life if I didn't stop. It helped me so much to be here where everyone understood. I had felt all alone with the problem up until joining SR. Glad you're part of the family.
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Welcome Bill! Great job on 18 days!!!!!!!
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Awesome Job on 18 day!! So glad you are here!
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Welcome, Bill. 18 days, is awsome, congrats! There is a lot of help, support, understanding, and advice here at SR. Let us know how it's going. Post questions, concerns, vents, success, whatever. We're all in this together. You can do this.
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