I got this.

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I got this.

Not a lot to really report other than I'm feeling so happy right now. My wife and daughter are so happy and so is my entire family. They say they haven't seen me look this bright for years and I am putting my heart and soul into basking in this great feeling. Other than the other night when the pain came, I haven't felt bad and the cravings have vanished. I'm surrounding myself with positive things and really making an effort to get off my lazy ass and do the things I always wanted to do that alcohol had greyed out and blurred my vision. I am aware I am in really really early sobriety but right now I'm feeling very happy.
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So glad to hear RJY!! I'm on day 5!! I hope to feel the bad things pass soon.

Stay in faith - Blessings**
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Glad you're back on track, RJ.

The mood swings will get easier to control the longer you remain sober.

Don't be too hard on yourself.

The Pink Cloud will return and stay with you.

I'm coming up on eight months sober and the anxiety, fear, and depression I have felt for decades is almost gone.
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Awesome!!! Enjoy, embrace, love, most of all remember this feeling! It will get you through the hard times.

Be kind to yourself and ride the merrygoround, things even out after a bit.

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Keep on keepin' on.
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Wonderful to hear RJY. It is great to be free.
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