A little gratitude

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One Day At A Time
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A little gratitude

It's Friday night and Im sober for the first Friday in months. Went to a meeting tonight, tided my house top to bottom today, feeling good tonight. I have a lot of emotions already beginning to bubble up and tiding my house was a drop in the ocean of dealing with the mess I've made, but I am glad to be sober and safe.

Thanks for your support the past few days friends. Have a lovely weekend xxx
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Never underestimate the value of "sober and safe" ... not to mention a clean home! You have a good weekend as well. Just remember ... you'll wake up Saturday without a hangover.
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And waking up sober minded Will be priceless
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That's how we get through those early days - just a drop at a time. I would often find that doing something positive, even though simple, would have a ripple effect in my life.
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Stay strong; your attitude is great! Once you get a weekend under your belt sober it makes such a difference with your stick-to-it-ness!
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For a start it means i am having my mum up for coffee tomorrow after her not being near my flat Im about 2 months... I always go to her. Im looking forward to it. I also know i won't cancel through a hangover
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I'm so happy for you Try. It's going to get better and easier. You're making excellent progress.
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And it will keep getting better the longer you stay sober.
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