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You and I are Oh SOOOO much alike Mrs. S. I don't drink in front of my child. I wait until bedtime and then pound down drinks as fast as I can until I pass out. I know she's tried waking me with a tummy ache and I barked at her (I don't remember that). Heartbreaking. Horrible anxiety in the mornings, wears off throughout the day until 8pm when I decide, "oh, I'm fine" and pour that first drink all over again. I am going to try my first AA meeting tonight thanks to the support from SR.
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Welcome Mrs Sensitive
There's a ton of support here

I recommend you check out the Class of November thread for more support from others quitting this month, and you may also be interested in our Moms thread too
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Welcome! I'm glad you joined us!
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Your story sounds exactly like mine. I lurked for a while then finally took the leap and joined a few days ago because I realized my perfect life really could be perfect if I just ended my affair with Chardonnay. Being on SR has been a great relief, especially finding others going through the same thing.

Please try not to fixate or beat yourself up about what your kids have missed out on. Focus on how proud they will be of you when you get sober. As for the anxiety, I continue to have some anxiety about how I'm going to get through the day without a glass or four of wine in the evening, but it's getting better and better every day.

Thanks for your post. I'm glad you are here.
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One of the first things to get better for me was the crippling anxiety.
It might take a few days / weeks but I bet you will find things easier to deal with after a few weeks sober.

Don't be hard on yourself or worry about it, but maybe think of a plan for the first few weeks. What about going to the doctor and letting him / her know you want to quit drinking so you can do it safely? You may be able to get some meds to make it easier also.

Also, think about things you can do to replace the drinking time. Reading, exercise, walks, hot baths. You may have some insomnia at first too. I stocked up on lots of different kinds of herbal teas, extra vitamins, and dried fruit for when I had cravings. Having a plan makes it much easier.
You can do it!
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Happy to have you join the family MrsS! I think the support & friendship will really help. I kept my problem inside for so long - no one to share it with. When I came here it was such a huge relief to be among those who really understood. We're glad you're here.
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Feeling hopeful after all the positive and supportive posts. Gonna do this thing. Hubby has been out of town all week and it has given me so much time to think. Much better without him around since he aids my issues. He has a problem, too, and doesn't offer support because he refuses to stop. On his way home in the air right now. Feeling very unsettled about him coming home. It has been so peaceful this week.
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Hi MrsSensitive.

You may want to take a peek at our friends and family section too.

I read over there and notice posts about people recovering who's spouses are still actively drinking.

Glad you found us and decided to introduce yourself. This is a great bunch of folks.
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We could be twins, that was my life. I don't know about you but I let the drinking go on for so long because I pretended that I was functioning just fine. I've been sober 5+ years but I didn't end my pretense of perfection until about a year ago.

Let me tell you, the first time I said "no, I'm sorry I can't do that" I felt nauseous. But when the world didn't come to an end and the project went on without me, I sat back and thought, gee... I guess I was the only person who thought I was indispensable. Life is sooooo much better now that I don't have to spend so much time being perfect.

Welcome and good luck to you.
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Hi MrsSensitive! Like several others have said, your story is my story, even down to the husband. I realized that I can only change me. Nothing I can do can change him, that is his job. So I am cleaning up my act.

I could go on and on, but for now, welcome. This site has been such a huge help to me. Like Dee said, join the November class and you will have lots of friends who are going through the same stuff as you.

You can do it.
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Welcome! I'm also a mom who sunk into a nice box of wine every afternoon and night. The best thing I did was join the class of September. There is a class of November group here that you could join too.

It feels good to feel proud of myself and like a whole person, not a fractured person living a double life. I have 75 days. If I can do this, you can too!
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Hi MrsSensitive welcome to SR, I've gained an enormous amount of help, encouragement and over all, well being with SR, I'm sure it will help you too, keep reading and posting.
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