Wondering when the cravings decrease...

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Wondering when the cravings decrease...

Hi There,

I am coming up on 6 months sober and still having daily cravings. I know it must be different for everyone, but I am wondering when, if ever, I can expect them to subside or hopefully end all together (that might be too much to ask) I get scared when I have cravings because I fear I will relapse.

Any good news or advice on this is welcome.

Thanks all,
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I always have cravings too and have never quit that long. I wonder what the scientific reasoning is? I'm bummed to here you still have cravings after so long time away from it. I know it eventually go away cause my siblings are sober and don't seem to have cravings. They used to be alcoholics like I am now.
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It's so amazing to know you are six months sober, and I am astonished to hear that you still get daily cravings six months into recovery. I hope that someone who has maybe, 10 years of sobriety,and will see your post and offer you some insight....
At the same time, your post doesn't exactly scare me, but is giving me a sharp heads up to the long road ahead of me.
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Hi again BBB - good to see you

I had cravings for a lot of my first year - the important thing is you're not acting on them which is great.

Are they getting better at all? more manageable? or pretty much the same as ever?

Why do you think you're still craving so much?

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I'm almost 7 months when I get a craving which is rare it usually means there is some sort of chaos going on that's out of my control. Take a good look around and see if something is causing you to feel unsettled.

Congrats on 6 months!!!!!!
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I am curious, how do you handle them when they come? You have gotten six months under your belt, so you are definitely doing something right. Might have an idea that helps someone else.
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I agree with Dee. It takes time to settle into a sober way of living. Give yourself some more time.
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I'm only 65 days sober but for the most part the real cravings are gone. I remember the first couple of days/weeks I had what I would describe as an ache up and down my spine type of crave. Hard do describe, but that's the best I can do. I can see if you don't have a good plan that anxiety/anger can be a big trigger.
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Hi BriteBaby. Congrats on your 6 months.

I was like Dee - it took almost a year for the cravings to leave me. After that (for me) they rarely made an appearance. Holidays, vacations, all the stuff that happens in a year triggered me to some extent. We say it so much on here, but things do get easier - be patient with yourself.
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You gotta fill the days with something else, ANYTHING - so you can overcome those cravings. What is your passion? What drives you? Writing, reading, singing, acting, dancing? DO that, do anything, and you will forget your cravings.

And another thing - come here and talk when you are feeling an urge. It's like a sponsor, to tell you that being sober is the right thing. Good luck babe, and keep coming back!
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Thanks all,

I think I am still having cravings because I have not been sober all that long, after drinking every day for 10 years maybe I am being impatient and need to give it more time. I do stay very busy with work, children, hobbies, house, etc. I use this site and WFS for support. I read more than I post. I am actually more active now than when I was drinking, I seem to have more interest now in activities I used to enjoy. I would put off going places or doing things because I was not sure if, when, and how much I could drink.

In the last 5 1/2 months I have made it through a lot of "alcohol related" events, weddings, parties, tailgating, family vacations, all without drinking. I cannot say I didn't want to or wished I wasn't an alcoholic. However, I was so proud of myself the next day that I was able to abstain, even though at the time I felt like the most boring person on earth. The very best part is my kids are not seeing me drink anymore, I love that!

To answer Dee's question, I do think the cravings have subsided some, I guess just not as much as I thought they would at this point. I have noticed that there are days I will think wow, several hours or half a day has gone by and I have not thought about alcohol. So maybe I'm better than I thought, just needed to talk it through. I am thankful for all the support here.
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I have been sober over 10 months and I still get cravings pretty damn frequently. I want to drink right NOW, for example. I'm exhausted, my head is bursting, etc. Admittedly, my cravings now are easier to handle than the ones I had in the first 4 months, but I don't know WHEN they go away or if they ever do.

I have been taking every vitamin and supplement that is supposed to help with this. I have been getting good sleep. I have been doing regular cardiovascular exercise and I have a near-perfect bill of health from latest physical. Crave crave crave.

Sorry I don't have an answer to your question :-(
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