Great day to be alive

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Great day to be alive

To be a newbie anywhere is always the ice-breaker until one is chosen by a sponsor who decides at last minute to ask his sponsee to give him a birthday medallion in front of about forty people at his home group. That's when the fear of public speaking left me. My sponsor approached me to do this very thing at his 17 year cake. It was an honor.

It is always through trial and error that those in recovery ahead of us, were the very pillars of experience, strength and hope, to the newcomer. I may be a newcomer to this forum, but definitely not in the rooms of the 12 step program that has most definitely changed me from the living dead to a living being to whom has learned to be at peace with who I am today. One who is still learning the wisdoms of recovery and always will be, in this life and in the next.

I may have tossed 15 years away, but as my sponsor said, "All you did was change your clean date cause you're still talking to me about your relapse." I chose to call my HP Jesus Christ, and attend meetings here with others who also made this choice for themselves. In the past 4.5 years, I have learned more about who I really am, and that all the skeletons in the closet, can no longer hurt me when they are exposed and typed out into a permanent file, is what recovery and healing are all about, for every old timer was once a newcomer.

To share testimony within this forum, will clearly show all that I am no different. Not terminally unique. Just one who was born in abandonment and abuse, and today, is on the mend, and grateful enough to be able to share God's healing touch with all of you.

Another 24 to u all....walkingman62(Michael J.)
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Welcome! I'm new too and so far I've found this to be quite the welcoming place. Enjoy your time here!
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