4 Months, again :)

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4 Months, again :)

Today marks the second time I've hit 4 months this year.

First time I was missing meetings and not working the steps i ended up getting 5 months but then slipped, I thought I could drink normal again and drank solid for 2 weeks ( real normal drinking ) not!

So I jumped bk on wagon, got myself a sponsor and started on the steps.
We are taking it slow and deep, step5 at min, its taking time but my sponsor wants me to get really deep with my resentments.
And I'm here for the long haul and I wanna do it right.

But I suppose step1 was key for me, I had to totally give in to the fact that I was an Alcoholic and I'd never be able to drink again,
But only for today

Today my life is good, I feel physically and spiritally well.
I still get drinking thoughts, but they get no more than 2 seconds in my head.

I am so thankful for SR, AA, my sponsor and my family & friends.

A little tip from me -
Stop fighting it, we'll never win against Alcohol.
Tell your higher power, I'm beat, please take this from me.

Lose the battle, to win the war.

Love to all
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Well done !!! Don't go dropping your guard now though - I tend to do that when I beat a previous record, but not any more
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4 Sober Months is GREAT Sean!

All you have to do now is keep doing what you're doing.

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Congrats on 4 months! Fantastic achievement!
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Fantastic Sean

You are living in the solution.

ODAAT....the 4th/5th steps were crucial turning points in my recovery.

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Congrats on all your combined sober time! You have fought long & hard.
You deserve it!
Jesus will continue to save you daily
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Inspiring! Your story gives me hope because your relapse sounds almost identical to mine. Right after 4 months, and I had stopped working the steps. I want to strive to get where you are!
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4 Sober Months is wonderful Sean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Great stuff Seanie
So relate to the act of surrender marking the beginning of the beginning!
For me it was only when my human resources failed me utterly that i was to begin to recover and feel like i am in recovery.
But i fought till i had no fight left....
Insanity eh?
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Congrats on 4 months

Nice! I am starting over today. I want to feel good, wake up not depressed, sad and guilty. I love reading some of the posts on here. I need to focus on what is good. 4 months means your focus is good. Keep it up!
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Congrats on four months sober! I'm proud of you!
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Congratulations on 4 months sober!. That's fantastic.
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thats great to read Sean - congratulations
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Thank u for your post!!

For me, the surrendering part felt the hardest, but also, I felt the Biggest Relief that I have felt in a very long time...I don't know if its my need to be in control, or the fear of letting go, or fear of the unknown....

...Admitting defeat and surrendering to God has always been the most gut-wrenching.

Beautiful, but gut-wrenching.

and congrats
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