30 Days - Update

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30 Days - Update


Today is day 30, or that's how I've worked it out, for me. I've certainly been tempted on a few occasions but have managed to avoid stumbling again... Let's just hope it stays that way.

I thought I'd post some of the things I've noticed , good and bad, since going sober.

First up 'The Good'
  • I feel better physically. Since quitting the drink I've managed to run 15.34 miles and cycle 113.29 miles. The buzz I've gotten from completing the workouts is far, far better than alcohol that's for sure. I highly recommend it.
  • My body is in better condition. Blood Pressure dropped within two weeks and has continued to improve. Average 110/60 compared to 137/77, for my age the drinking figure was worrying.
  • I've been able to start sorting parts of my life out that I had been pushing back or ignoring. Finances, work etc.
  • I feel more confident dealing with new situations. Today I went to a gym for the first time and this was ALONE. I was very nervous last night and this morning but I managed to do it!
  • Eating! That's right solid food! Not just vitamins pills, Ribena and vodka.
  • No more booze breath, hang-overs and all the other pleasant reminders of a night before.

Now 'The bad'
  • Sleeping is still an issue. I generally fall asleep at midnight and wake up every two hours until 6AM. Last night I was up until 4:30AM and then up for the gym at 8:15... Both falling and staying asleep are an issue.
  • Irritability/Mood swings. Unfortunately, life without booze isn't one big happy road. I often feel quite annoyed or emotional, will have to learn how to deal with this.
  • Motivation is still hard to come by when working. Physical activities are fine but when it comes to work I really CBA.
  • Feelings of missing out and boredom. I still get these especially on Friday nights. Hopefully it will pass soon.

Finally, 'The Ugly'
  • Acne/spots. Especially on my face... It seems I'm battling a second bout of puberty, no sooner do I defeat one for another two to pop up somewhere else on my face.
  • Digestion. Won't go into too much details but this was/is definitely not 100% yet.

Thanks to everybody here for their support. Once I hit 90 days I'll be calling my GP to get my liver tested again, I should be back to normal by then (I hope).

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You know your're on a roll right?
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Congrats on thirty days sober! Keep at it!
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Congrats on 30 days! My stomach took 6 weeks to settle down!

..and I am beginning to see that there's work to be done once I have stopped drinking - i.e. learn how to live without running to the bottle to deal with life's ups and downs.
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Well done on 30 days, orieme. That's brilliant. Things should start getting significantly better from now on
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Congratulations on 30 days sober.
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I have the same acne at 46. It definitely seems related to sobering up.
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Gz on 30! I found my skin cleared up when I stopped drinking. How strange it's completely different
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Well done on 30 days and the exercise regime. I also have issues with not being able to concentrate for long periods of time. The irritability, etc also seems very common in the early days.

Keep it up, it will only get better.
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