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Need serious help please

Ok, So Im going to explain from day 1 to current.
My boyfriend of over 2 years is crushing my heart, he is addicted to Roxys.

So Ive know him since I was just a little kid, he was always into drugs, just a few years ago he went to jail (because of drugs) and when he got out I was there for him and started dating, now we live together, I would do anything for him , I want to marry him, start a family, I am truly in love with him. So all this is hard on me now that he has started using again..

What happened is he was clean for a year n half after he got out of jail.
He was completely fine up untill he got into a accident and messed up his hand very badly, he was rushed into the hospital, his whole hand was hide open, needed stitches,etc.. they had him on morphine in the hospital and gave him perks and refills when they sent him out. So from there I was nervous knowing he was a recovering drug addict and he has to take narcotics for pain.. Well I was blinded I believed him and trusted him that he was fine and now a year later my boyfriend cant stop using drugs. Ive tried everything, I mean EVERYTHING. We went to a drug counselor, I drug test him every 3 days..ETC. NOTHING HAS WORKED he is now going away for ten days to stay with a recovering drug addict old friend who is clean now and lives in Miami Florida. He says he will go to meetings down there with him. HONESTLY IDK IF THATS THE TRUTH.
Ive sat down with his parents numerous times trying to see what they can do....
He leaves tomorrow to go to flordia and I told him that I am moving back home untill hes clean.. and honestly I cant do it, i cant leave him. I know he needs help but I cant leave him.. I am scared he is going turn into the drug addict he use to and where he had no family or nothing cause all he did was drugs and steal..

I wanna help him, I know at this point I need to help myself but I just love him and cant lose him.

Just the other night he took to much and couldnt function and was nodding out and I thought he was going to die. I need to save my boyfriend.. I need to do something.PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE
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MythOfSisyphus (09-05-2013)
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Hi there and welcome Sorry to hear about your bf - there's a section on the forum that you might find more helpful - it's for friends and family (if I can get the link to work)

Friends and Family of Substance Abusers - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information
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jaynie04 (09-05-2013)
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Sorry to hear about your struggles, It must be very hard.

Someone who I know going through similar struggles with a loved one found support via "Ala-Anon" or "Narc-Anon" groups.

Also here are some helpfull posts I was sent a while ago. Perhaps you may find them useful.

- The addicts perfect alibi | Recovering You

addicted to an Addict? 5 Warning Signs| Addiction Recovery
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jaynie04 (09-05-2013), johnatahn1 (09-05-2013), ZoeM (09-05-2013)
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I hope things work out, but the reality is we can only save ourselves. It is really up to your boyfriend to save himself. You can be supportive, but other than that just take care of yourself. It is twice the shame when one persons addiction takes two down.
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johnatahn1 (09-05-2013)
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The first day is the hardest

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Im sorry to hear about your predicament .I can only imagine what you are going through .I would just like say offer your support and be strong for yourself and him if you can x
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Thanks guys, I been his "support" and everything for a year now. Its just getting worse every day.. I can stay and keep holding onto that little hope that he will get better but in realty could possibly end up dead any day or I can fix myself and leave..
Those are the two things I came up with and I need to pick one... But I cant pick.....
I feel as if hes my drug, and I cant live with out him..

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