Emotions in early recovery

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Emotions in early recovery

Despite being tired and not yet 100% at a week sober yesterday, I went to the movies with my partner and a couple of friends. We went to see an action SF movie (Elysium for anyone who is interested - good too btw!). However one thing I didn't expect was my reaction to the action scenes and the tense bits. I found myself reacting and actually feeling tense and anxious during those scenes, whereas when in 'drink mode' it would all wash over me - a layer of dulled brain between me and the world 'out there'.

I was even more worn out when I came out of the cinema!

Luckily my home life is calm and stable and I don't have any nasty domestic generated negative emotions to cope with.

Was a bit taken aback though. Real life unfiltered life soon seeps back in. And all the better for it ultimately.
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My emotions were not really behaving properly until I was six months. I think it takes a while for things to heal
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Emotions are really exaggerated early on. I was very temperamental and prone to bursting into tears for literally no reason. You could turn it into a bit of a game and try watching sad movies to see if they make you cry This is what most women have to go through every month btw... x
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That was a good movie! At any rate, I had some trouble with my emotions at first, too. Mostly I was angry. Not really angry that I couldn't drink per se, more like everything irritated me. Being present in the moment but without that knowledge that I could wash away all the annoyances with wine made me kind of snippy. Any little thing would set off my temper. Not physically, more just eye rolling or making sarcastic comments.

But that part went away after a few months. Looking back I think it was just my AV venting its frustrations.
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