Stressed and wanting to drink

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Stressed and wanting to drink

I'm just at a month sober. I've been to so many parties, bbqs, bars where people are drinking and I haven't. I'm so tired of not being able to participate. I want to kick back and not have people asking me why I'm not drinking. I'm so mad at myself for not being able to control my drinking and getting to the point that I feel like I won't ever be able to handle myself.

Feeling pretty down. Not sure how to feel better about this whole thing. I remember the stupid ways I've acted while drinking, but that doesn't always work.
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How about doing something that doesn't
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How about doing something that doesn't involve drinking at all? Hanging out at drinking parties isn't the only thing in town. In fact, there are more things to do sober than drinking. It's only a very small percentage of the population that feels alcohol is required to have fun. Take in a art or music event. Excercise. Visit a museum. Join a civic or volunteer group.
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I second that. Especially early on in sobriety, I felt really resentful hanging out with drinkers. It tends to bring out the 'why me' mindset. Fact is people do tons of social activities without alcohol involved. Find something and do that instead. Trying to live your old life sober isn't going to help you adjust. Shake it up a bit and try something different x
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Congrats on a month sober. Once i made peace with the fact that i cant drink or moderate my drinking i was able to move forward. If you don't drink anymore why spend time at social events where you know that drinking will be the main focus?. There are plenty other activities you can do that don't revolve around drinking. If something was stressing me out to the point where i felt like i might drink i wouldn't be going to these places. Hope you feel better.
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Congrats on a month sober but you're still early in recovery and stress can be a killer. I agree on finding other things to do, get your mind off yourself.
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Sometimes I don't like that I am an alcoholic. I stomp my feet and complain that I want to be like everyone who can drink normally. People who have cancer don't want that either though. I look at it this way- I didn't make the choice to stop drinking lightly so at one time it was that important to me and it was that BAD. My addiction gets really loud sometimes but it's a liar and wants me dead so I go to meetings and come on here to cope. Most sober days are quite awesome, even the simple humdrum routine life is full of a peace I didn't have while drinking. I didn't hang around parties where there was alcohol in the beginning and I still don't. If there's a reason to be there I go--birthday, holiday, wedding etc. There's a lot of fun to be had in sobriety but for me it took some time to get clarity and motivation to go out and look for it. One month is awesome, congrats
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