Just Realized .... Today is my 8th Month Sober

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Just Realized .... Today is my 8th Month Sober

I haven't been here in a while, but that's because I've been doing great!

I still have times when I am tempted -- sometimes pretty strongly -- but so far I've been able to talk myself down from taking that drink. One thing I've noticed is that the tempting 'voice' changes its tactics once you are several months into sobriety. It tells me that now that I have gotten completely free of the physical feelings of addiction it will be safe for me to drink again ..... which is obviously not true for me. I've burned the pathway to addiction into my brain and even though the path is slightly grown over I can certainly find my way down it again rather quickly if I drink.

I recently went to the doctor and got a bunch of bloodwork. My cholesterol is a tiny bit high -- nothing to worry about too much -- but everything else was great -- a strong normal -- picture perfect.

I am loaded with energy compared with my drinking days and I am enjoying my life.

So today marks my 8th month anniversary of sobriety! YAY ME!

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congratulations miyako

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Maybe come on over to the Dec 2012 club- we're all at 8 months too and it's a great place
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Congrats on 8 months sober!!
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Congratulations on EIGHT SOBER MONTHS, miyako!
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Congras miyako
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Yea You miyako! Excellent!
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Really happy for you!
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Congratulations on the huge achievement!
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Thumbs up

Congrats, well done!
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GoodOnya, Miyako. Eight months is FANTASTIC!! (I got your back, Nefer).

When that AV of yours goes *ping*, remember to sit with it, and recognize the heck out of it for what it is - nothing more than your dying addiction whining and pleading as it gets weaker and weaker. You have the power because you said so!

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Congratulations on 8 months Miyako and to many more sober months.
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