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Angry Needs Advice

Hello everyone I need some advice really bad. I've been in a methadone clinic for 10 years. I've never cause any problems nor have I broken any rules there. I've earned 6 take outs and I've had them take outs for several years now. Anyway I go down this morning and the nurse states that I only handed in 5 bottles. I said oh my god i must have mis-counted can i please run home and get the bottle. She said no you lose all 6 take outs. I was very surprised considering I've never forgotten them ever and it was only one bottle. This clinic is run so bad and breaks so many rules. For instance, when they are short staffed they get the male security guard to give the urine. THAT IS SO WRONG AND ILLEGAL. They arent even supposed to allow a male in the nurses station when a woman is in the bathroom. I want to call the state on these people. I need to report them. I live an hour away and i have a 9 year old autistic son to take care of and these people are treating me like some scumbag. I've had enough at this point. The place is in West Reading, Pennsylvania so i would need to call the state of PA of these people. Can someone please please help me with some phone numbers, names, anything at all that can help me fight these people??
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Welcome to SR KasmirDimension

I am afraid I have no advice on your specific situation but you will find lots of help and support with your addiction issues here. I hope you get things sorted x
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Maybe this is an opportunity to get clean and sober?
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Welcome to SR. Sounds like it really eats into your life. why bother with it?
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Hi KasmirDimension

I don't have any experience to share either, I'm afraid.
Does this mean you have to go to the clinic daily for a while now?

Maybe check out our Substance abuse forum, or the suboxone/methadone sub forum there, as well for others who may have more relevant experience on who to call?

Substance Abuse - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information
Suboxone/Methadone Maintenance or Detox - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

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